Blog links to lovely people on the interweb who hosted my books on tour or interviewed me - thank you!
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Look at this lovely post the fantastic Rebecca Black wrote about my work - please check out her writing - it's awesome - guaranteed to get you very hot under the collar!

Thrilled to be featured in May's Erotic Trade Only Magazine in the Reader's Lives section :D
Click here to read my blog about it...

I was in a flippin magazine!! the EAN - I was quaking in me wee boots, I'm telling you :D
Read the beginning of the interview here.

16th June Jan Graham - Interview
17th June Liv Honewell - What Do You See
18th June After Dark - Who Loves Flowers?
19th June Adriana Kraft - Surviving in Heels
20th June Illustrious Illusions - What's in a Name?
23rd June Lisabet Sarai - Into The Sexosphere and Beyond!
24th June Erotica For All - Everybody Needs Somebody
25th June Houston Havens - More is More
26th June Books and Banter - Writing and Exercise Class
27th June Dawn's Reading Nook - Addicted

The Sub Club Book Club - Brit Babe interview

May 14 Book tour! Taking Flight New release!

Ms Nikki Magenis - Genre Bending
Ms Vida Bailey - Cutting the Crap
Mr Slave Nano - Erotic Transportation
Nikki Magennis - Genre Bending
Ms Janine Ashbless - Falling into Fantasy
Brit Babes - New Release
Lily Harlem - All Tied Up
Ms Ella Jade - Taking Flight
Pepper Anthony - Guest post
Tara Mills - Blog swap
The Sun Club Book Club - Interview

Taking Flight tour/interviews

Xcite Sexy Stories Interview 
Lucy Felthouse Interview
Justine Elyot - Apocalyptic Lovin'
Lexie Bay - Outdoor Lovin'
Emmy Ellis - Babes in the Woods
Kay Jaybee - Double Entendre
Lily Harlem - Taking Flight
Kd Grace - coming soon
Lucy Felthouse - Doing it outside
Guest Post/Spotlight @ CS Maxwell
Guest Post @ W.Lynn. Chantale
Interview @ Woody’s Writing
Spotlight @ Ella Jade
Spotlight @ Ashlynn Monroe
Interview @ You Gotta Read
Guest Post and giveaway @ Ramblings From This Chick
Guest Post and giveaway (During a BDSM event) @ Reading Between The Wines
Spotlight @ Jezebel Jorge
Review and Guest Post @ Lindsay Klug

For my Writer's Marketing Blog tour I visited...
Day 5 
Adriana Kraft
Victoria Blisse
Day 3
Black Hippie Chick - a lovely blogger reposted this blog! A Bi-submissive adventures in the vanilla world
Day 2 
My Secret Romance
Day 1
Wickedly Sexy Writers

I'm so excited about my new futuristic erotic novel, which is being published by the lovely Beachwalk - It will be released on June 18th - so not too long to wait...

A Clockwork Butterfly is about the future of humankind being dependant on the arousal of its women - so some lovely world saving romps occur. There is a problem though, our heroine, Lena, has a big moral dilemma about what is best for the planet...

Oysters & Chocolate - currently featuring my steamy short, Francesca's Mother

Spcin' It Up - a new group blog where I'll be your host every Tuesday is launching on 26th Sept! PS, I'm extra excited as I got to draw the graphic for the banner!

My First Blog Tour...

Day 5
With one of my heroes, Kd Grace today - eeep! We're talking blogging.

Day 4
Talking research today with Gale Stanley - come and see why I'm such a prude...

Day 3
I'm with Rebecca from Beck's Book Pics - post a comment to win a copy of Mia's Books!

Day 2
I'm over at Elizabeth Black's blog today, chatting about the uniform of writing!

Day 1
Today I lost my guest blogging virginity - and what fun it was! Over with Tanith Davenport who is currently promoting her book, The Hand He Dealt

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