Wednesday 8 December 2010

Where do you get the time?!

As a writer I am amazed at how quickly time flies! I sit down to write, check emails, update blogs, Facebook, Twitter, then it's time to edit a proposal, submit, edit, submit, fret over said submission, research, keep up to date with other blogs, Facebook, Twitter, forums, my God! When I see how much other people get up to I am amazed! Where do you find the time to be so cyber active??? Sometimes I have to dig myself a little hole and shut myself off to finish a story or chapter. Then, I can reward myself with a little check up to see what you are all up to. It's fascinating to be able to get instant insights into other people's worlds.
For now though, I can feel a story nagging at me, insisting on some attention. If I am gone for a while, you'll know why...

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and comment on the post I wrote to the friends and family of writers. The kind circle of acceptance and appreciation that my writer friends-I've-never-met made around a vulnerable writer looking for help will never be forgotten.
    Thank you for being one of them.


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