Thursday 19 May 2011


Procrastination, now begins, keep the . . . momentum . .
Why am I so distracted? I have a great idea for a new novel, read it to the Big A and he loved it - I've developed the plot - got the characters - I've even got the time to write the bloody thing, so why, tell me, have I...
1 - painted the garden fence
2 - sorted out a bag of nails and screws into sizes and types
3 - washed every item of clothing in the house, whether dirty or clean
4 - moved a wood stack
5 - epilated my legs (ouch, eek, torture)
6 - stared at my cuticles
7 - cooked a ham
8 - started writing a blog about it?

Ok, does this now mean it is out my system? Can I go write now?
Ahhh, thank you...

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