Monday 6 February 2012

Things that will distract me all day

Hi there,

I have just got the first round of edits back for A Clockwork Butterfly - my futuristic romp - and it is always something I enjoy doing - first of all - there is always a deadline; I thrive on a deadline. Secondly, thank goodness there's an editor to pick up on the things I've missed and bring out the best.

However, deadline or no deadline, there are a few things which will distract me until I get into my writing room - where all outside life ceases to exist - I just have to make it through the door...

Until then, I will be thinking about:

  1. Unblocking the kitchen sink - think somebody might have pushed spaghetti down it instead of pulling it out - grrr.
  2. My new shoes - they are gorgeous - think I may just put them on anyway...
  3. What is involved in a blog hop and should I sign up for one? There's loads right now and they look like fun.
  4. My jaw which seems unable to shut completely - maybe slightly unhinged? (the jaw...not me)
  5. Ughhh, the wallpaper which is hanging off in the hallway... shall I just...
  6. This is the biggest one - HOW CAN I GET TO EROTICON 2012 in three weeks? It's miles away so will involve a mini-break and being able to meet all the ladies I love (yeay! - but major household organisation, train/flights/hotel)
  7. The script I'm currently writing.
As I will have written on my gravestone - It all seems so important at the time!

Now, I think I have chased everything out of my brain sufficiently to make space for my edits.

Thanks for sharing the rant and have a lovely day,

T x x

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