Sunday 21 October 2012

Ghostly Kisses Blisse Kisses

Good morning! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve taken part in the Sunday Snog – but I have some time today before the daily chaos begins to sit back and read along – be sure to click here for more Blisse Kiss After dark kissing and naughtiness from some other authors...
Since it’s all getting a bit spooky and the dark nights are closing in, I thought I’d share a kiss from my paranormal erotic romance, Mia’s Books. In this excerpt, Mia is returning home to her ghost lover after a weekend of passion with her human lover...

Mia stood at her front door, rummaging in her bag for her keys. She’d picked up her discarded coat and purse from the club on her way home. Her fingertips caught on the jangling metal but she kept rummaging around them. She didn’t want to open the door. The curtains fluttered, and she knew her ghost lover was watching. She’d be furious. Mia had stayed for the entire weekend with Anton, indulging in a good old-fashioned love-in.
Suddenly the door flew open and a fierce wind blew Mia into the hallway. The door slammed shut and the wind bolted around the hall, up and down the staircase, gaining momentum until it crashed into her, pinning her to the wall.
“Where were you?” A streak of wind darted into Mia’s ear canal and hissed the words into her brain. “I told you to bring him here!”
“I’m sorry.” Mia didn’t know if she’d just thought the words or actually said them. She was starting to fear this wild little entity. “Please, I never meant to hurt you. I…I...”
“I was lonely,” whispered the ghost.
“I’m sorry.” Mia thought about her words carefully. “I just don’t know how he’ll react.”
“To a ghost, you mean?”
“Well…” Mia bit her lip. “Yes.”
“Don’t worry, he’ll understand.”
“How do you know?” asked Mia, still pinned to the wall, her toes stretching to reach the carpet.
“You did,” came the reply that Mia couldn’t argue with. “Didn’t you?” The voice softened and wound around her brain like treacle, echoing in and out of the most intimate parts of her mind, arousing her thoughts. “You understand me,” the ghost whispered and caressed Mia’s thoughts as if she was running her fingers through her hair, finding doors upon doors to all the erogenous zones in her body.
Mia began to melt into the wall as the feelings grew and swept through her body. She was being aroused from the inside out and began to sway and rock as if in an erotic trance.
“You understand,” the ghost repeated over and over while pulsing energy through and over Mia, down to her toes and back up and out to the tips of each strand of hair on her head. Every nerve in her body tingled and rose to meet the ethereal touch. In and out, up and down the waves of pleasure mounted and Mia tried to locate the center of her building climax. She realized there was none as suddenly her entire being was engulfed in a trillion bursting lights and every cell in her body shuddered and released.
The ghost eased Mia gently through to her bedroom and tucked her into her covers. Mia was still twitching and glowing when sleep rested its yawning presence over her.
Mia slept a full and deep night’s sleep in the warm uttering of her ghost’s mantra, “You understand me, Mia. You understand.”

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  2. Nice scene!

  3. Wow so don't get the ghost angry. Lol

  4. What a great excerpt! Would love to read the book :)
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  5. Great excerpt. Thanks for the chance.

  6. Sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing! Have a fantastic weekend!

  7. Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment - I really appreciate it! Julie has won the copy of Mia's Books.
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