Thursday 17 January 2013

I'm back with the 777!

Well, good grief - it's taken me a couple of weeks to get the hang of 2013, but with the help of being tagged for the 777 game by Justine Elyot, Kd Grace and Tamsin Flowers - I'm back - thanks ladies! So here it is - 7 lines (or so...) from page 77 of my work in progress, The Meeting Point...

Deborah woke early having hardly slept at all. She watched Marcus’ eyes flutter under their lids and left the tent, careful not to disturb him. Sun was already streaming through the trees as she made her way down to the river to freshen up. Since her double sexual mind trip yesterday, Deborah had felt strangely calm and peaceful. Thoughts had whirled around her mind all night long as she’d tried to analyse what had happened to her from a scientific point of view, but it was with a lazy curiosity not her usual frantic need to know. It was as if there had been a cellular or molecular breakdown of the physical and mental parts of the body and they’d simply seeped into each other. The more she remembered the sensations, the more amazing they became to her. 

So there you have it - now I tag some more authors to take part - I nominate Aimée Duffy, Ella Jade, Nikki Magennis, Lacey Wolfe, Scarlett Hart, Kaylie Newell and Patricia Bates

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