Wednesday 13 November 2013

White Rabbit!

A few months ago a friend of mine told me about White Rabbit - a fetish boutique in Edinburgh - "You'll love it!" she said, "it's arty and kinky!" What a fabulous combo! How could I resist? So off I went and guess what? My friend was right - arty, kinky fabulous and friendly! 

I also met with one of the owners who agreed to visit my blog and answer some questions - please give a great big Erotic Adventure high five to our guest, Heather from White Rabbit!

T: What is the inspiration behind White Rabbit?
H: Well to be honest I love art and sex and thought when I quit my job teaching  I should combine the two by making a female orientated love shop. I was inspired by lush boudoirs, decadence and the forbidden. However, we had to decorate the shop on a budget, making it a little more shabby chic than decadent!

T: I know you are an artist - did you do the logo design - I really love it.
H: I came up with the idea of the rabbit head, however, I always over complicate design so I actually work with my ex boyfriend (the Phantom Lantern) who is a graphic designer to run with the idea. annoying, I know but he had to be good for something ha ha!

T: What is your favourite item in your shop.
H: Oh god I love so much of our stock! it has to be a art piece by Edinburgh artist Kirsty Whiten.

T: You host workshops and performances - can you tell us a little bit about those and how people can get involved?
H: The workshops have been my favourite thing, I have met loads of great people. we have had, film nights, rope bondage classes, burlesque, mistress workshops, talks by a Edinburgh courtesan, exhibitions and even taxidermy! people of all ages backgrounds and interests have came along. I plan to do many more come the new year.

T: I find your shop very welcoming  and positive - how did you go about making sure this is the case? (I'm a complete prude by the way, so this is really something!)
Has Bellmer drawing (borrowed from images)
H: Well thank you that you find it welcoming, all shops should be, it's just basic manners I think, although it probably helps that I am selling things I feel passionate about, and really want to break down any taboo or shame. I mean whats more natural than sex? bloody Victorians have a lot to answer for.

T: Who's your favourite artist?
H: Favourite artist! arrrgh too difficult to answer. but since we are on the topic of erotica I will have to mention the
drawings of Hans Bellmer.
T: What music do you like to play in the shop and why?
H: Well I am completely rubbish with technology so I just listen to what Jim (business partner) has left on the ipod. we do mean to put together a collection of old burlesque/Berlin/cabaret/vintage strip club mix, it will happen at some point. honest!

T: What's in store for 2014 at White Rabbit?
H: Well hopefully lots of art exhibitions, workshops and events, as well as exciting new stock from local and afar artists and designers. It is also our dream to have enough cash to buy more than one thing in at a time ha ha.

Thank you so much for coming along and sharing your thoughts! I love your shop and wish you many many years of roaring business :D

To view some of the wonderful products take a look at the website - White Rabbit

Exciting news for me too - White Rabbit will be hosting the launch party of my new book Taking Flight on Fri 29th Nov at 7pm. Woot!

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