Tuesday 22 April 2014

Cover Reveal! Taking Flight

Well hellooooo! And welcome to the party! My guest of honour today is the cover for Taking Flight - the 2nd book in my erotic fantasy trilogy. Due for release on May 19th...
And without further ado... drum rolllll
Tah Dah!

Like, OMG, how gorgeous is that??
Taking Flight - 
Taking Flight by Tabitha Rayne
The prequel to A Clockwork Butterfly
Genre(s): Futuristic Erotic Romance
Length: Novel
Publication Date: May 19, 2014
Price: $4.99

Lovers on the run in search of a bond that transcends all else.
Dr. Deborah Regan is a scientist working on a cure to the poison that's killing the male population and destroying the natural world. But when she makes a breakthrough in her research, it becomes clear that the authorities have no intention of finding a cure, and now that she's getting closer to an answer, she's a threat to them—a threat they need to deal with quickly.
Deborah and her partner, Marcus, flee to the forest where they meet another couple on the run. Birch and Hazel show them how to survive in the wild and teach them the theory of ultimate unity. They believe that by finding sexual nirvana at the point of intense orgasm, they will break through the barriers of physicality and become one.
It soon becomes apparent that Deborah has an aptitude for falling into this trance-like state, and she manages to bring Marcus on her journey. Their spirits can indeed join together at the meeting point, suspended in time and space while they climax.
When Birch and Hazel become jealous of the young couple's ease at reaching ultimate unity—something they've unsuccessfully tried to do for years—they betray Deborah and Marcus to the authorities. As they are separated, Marcus begs Deborah to continue to search for the ultimate sexual unity, because he's convinced that no matter where they are, this connection will allow them to meet again on a spiritual plane.
Will this metaphysical union be enough for a couple so deeply in love?
Content Warning: This book contains apocalyptic peril and graphic sexual content, including m/f and f/f sexual interaction, along with BSDM
Note: This book has been previously published.


  1. The birds are books! Very pretty, are you delighted?

    1. Yes! Jo - I'm so delighted! I love that the notebook turns into birds - the artist just got it. Thanks for coming by and taking a look Miss x x x x

  2. Ohh, that's ever so lovely… :-)

    1. Isn't it! I'm so glad it's so beautiful - I'm not terrible prolific as you know so a new cover is very exciting! x x

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jacqueline! I totally love it too x x x


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