Tuesday 10 February 2015

Capture Cupid Blog Hop!

Oh boy - oh boy! It's a HUGE day for me and you guys - first of all... It's the 10th of February which means it's my day to host the Chemical [se]X Capture Cupid Blog HOP!
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Back to the chocolate and sex fest which is Chemical [sex] - come join our horny literary party and win lots of prizes - all you have to do is comment on this and any other participant's blog and you'll be put in a sexy draw. And in the spirit of a good orgy, the more times you take part, the more chances you have of hitting that sweet spot in the draw! And that counts here too - show me some love and leave me lots of comments...

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And now to the other mouth watering delicious sensual prizes you can win to make your Valentine's the sexiest, sultriest ever... take a look at the piccies while I tell you my own tale of Capturing Cupid...

I've always loved Valentine's Day for as long as I can remember. The lead up, the waiting, the anticipation..

Will they figure out my handwriting, I hope not! I hope so! Will they find it? Will they figure out the little intricate treasure hunt to the little handmade box with the single Loveheart sweetie inside? (ok, ok, yes, I couldn't resist and ate the rest...)
And then, the even more exciting... will I get any? Will my hands be trembling as I lift the fragrant red envelope? Will the writing be done in the left hand to avoid exposing the sender's true identity?
First by Jacob Louder and Cream by Lana Fox
eBooks from Go Deeper press

Sometimes I'd get a handmade card - the ones we made in art class, with scrawling immature text.

A $10 gift card for Seatle Chocolates from Oleander Plume!
But my favourite was the one that came through the post. How sophisticated! The beautifully scripted handwriting sloping to the right - the slant of a much more mature admirer. I'd trace my fingers over my name, thinking how pretty it looked on paper compared to how it sounded out loud...

Every year my secret admirer would send me a Valentine, scented with a floral bouquet and written in the beautiful script.

This has continued into my adult life and while I may not send so many out, I still look forward with excitement to my lovely card.

A paperback copy of the book itself!
Signed by the author of your choice...
It took me several years to uncover the identity of my secret admirer. I begun to get suspicious when when the familiarity of the font spilled over into my birthday cards... especially when, over time, the writing has become shaky and a little less precise...

Yes, my lovely Granny was the one to make me feel like the most popular girl in town!

I never directly confronted her over it, but she gave me a wink one year and told me, "A lady should always have a secret admirer."

I read somewhere that Gypsy Rose Lee's mother would send out bouquets of flowers to Gypsy Rose after every performance... how wonderful.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Here's the others:
February 1 – Jacob Louder
February 2 – Malin James
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February 4 – Jade A. Waters
February 5 – Annabeth Leong
February 6 – C. E. Hansen
February 7 - L. Maretta
February 8 - Ella Dawson
February 9 – F. Leonora Solomon
February 10 – Tabitha Rayne (ME - right here!)
February 11 – Tamsin Flowers
February 12 – Oleander Plume
February 13 – Dario Dalla Lasta

February 14 – winners will be announced at!!!!

And remember - comment as many times as you can to increase your chances!

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Happy Valentine's Day - mwoah x x x

Wishing you many mystery admirers!

Oooo, ooo! News just in! There's been another fabulous prize added to the pot!

Happy Valentine's Day! x x x x


  1. How precious that your gran sent you Valentines, mine did, too! And I loved receiving them as well. As a kid we used to give them out, and it was always sad when someone didn't get many (any) so teachers made them compulsory for all. Which was fair, but it made the day even more awkward. My 5 y/o longs to give out his Valentines this year. He still has the excitement, but many schools don't really allow them these days. Well, not officially, any how.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aww big spoil sports! I remember it being one of the highlights of the school year, seeing who was going to get a card... probably was a bit hurtful at times mind you! I think we even had a pink posting box.
      Thanks for commenting and good luck! x x

  2. This is so sweet! My best valentine cards were always from my grandma too :)

  3. This is so sweet! My best valentine cards were always from my grandma too :)

    1. And even better - you're in the draw twice now :D thanks so much for commenting x x x

  4. My kids get Valentine's from one of their Grannies too.

  5. No secret admirer or valentines from my granny...

    But I'm taking applications from any hot, single men. Oh fuck it...he doesn't have to be single ;-)

    1. Thanks for commenting 5am Writer Man! Pleasure to have you here - I will put the word out for the hot men :D

  6. My mum always sends my daughter a valentines card. It's a lovely tradition :)

    1. Thank goodness for mums and grannies! They save us from a lot of heartache - don't you think? :D
      Thanks for commenting x x x

  7. That's such a sweet story! When I was in highschool everyone who got flowers or balloons or teddybears would have to pick them up in the front office and my freshman year I must have complained about it in my winning love-cynic (yes, even then) way, because for the next three years I had teddybears and daisies waiting for me with all of the other popular girls. They were from my mom, of course, I always knew that. But it was nice be able to walk in there pretending I was surprised and flattered and see the other girls look at me in a bit of surprise and demand to know who they were from. There's no name on the card, guess we'll never know.

    1. How wonderful! I know that walk - clutching the treasure everyone's curious about - shhh, let's keep this between us, our grans and our mums! x x x

  8. Well folks - thank you all for taking part! 5am Writer Man was the overall winner - *high 5(am)* !!
    And my extra prize goes to Maria Merian - you'll get some of my books x x x
    Hope you had a lovely Valentine's x x x


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