Friday 2 September 2011

Explicit Encounters - Launched

A new anthology from Xcite - Explicit Encounters is coming soon. I'm very excited as it includes my story, The Relapse. Not only that but also has some other authors I'm chuffed and awed to be alongside; nineteen of them! To see who - you'll have to wait until the release date for your copy ;) TODAY!!!
In the meantime, here's a tiny taster of, The Relapse...

‘So you’ve missed the past two sessions Jim.’ Jim scanned the room taking in her books, her framed certificates, her legs, her thighs. She leaned forward and continued, ‘We finished up last time with you feeling confident that you had your urges under control, do you remember, Jim?’ Jim remembered all right. He remembered imagining the smoothness of her thighs against his four o’clock beard. He remembered looking everywhere but those thighs, trying not to notice the buttons of her blouse straining slightly when she breathed, threatening to burst open. He remembered mumbling an agreement to something; he could guess it would be about counting, breathing, relaxing until those pesky urges subsided.
‘Good,’ she had said. ‘Good, see you next time.’
He had left and had gone straight to the bathroom to relieve the built-up tension. It was one of his favourite parts of the sessions; he saw it as his reward for being so good and not making an out-and-out pass at the very professional and very sexy therapist, Dr Gaynor Leigh.
‘Jim, please, concentrate. Do you remember?’ Jim caught her impatient glance and smiled. He tried to recall his “I’ve been a good boy” speech he’d been rehearsing on the way over on the tube but he was sure he could see her nipples harden through her blouse...

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