Monday 31 October 2011

Halloween Never Used to be THIS Busy!

I am pooped!

What a weekend - and it's still not over... Halloween-wise. I've been at the Whipped Cream and Goddess Fish Halloween Blog Fest - great fun and frantically busy - keeping up with posts, reading excerpts all sorts of luverly stuff. Then there's the costumes, pumpkin carving, decorations...

And now, tra-lah - it's the big day itself! I'm getting ready to go out guising with the young 'uns - (trick or treating). The tradition is that you must sing a song or tell a joke or a story to get your sweeties - but the youth of today say you don't need to, you just turn up at the door and say "trick or treat". Well, I would like a song. Or a joke at the very least...

Any good spooky jokes out there? I need an improvement on, "Why didn't the skeleton go to the ball?" - "He had no body to go with." Geddit? - no body...
Ahhh, see what I mean, I need help. I'll be getting no candy tonight with jokes like that...
In the meantime, you can read a very spooky excerpt from Mia's Books by following any of these links.
Warning, contains graphic erotica - adults only
Goddess Fish
Happy Halloween!
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