Thursday 20 October 2011

It's My Birthday!

Get out the bubbly, I'm celebrating!
A year ago today I was ready to chuck in the towel with my writing. I have written many mainstream bits and pieces including poems, short stories and two novels which had limited success (i.e. many rejections- though some were promising...). Anyway - one of my novels contained a steamy sex scene and I wanted to make sure it was a good un (taking it to my writing group wasn't an option ;)) so I sent off a saucy short to Xcite to test the water and see if I could write IT right!
As I mentioned, I was having a bad day, more rejections and big crisis in confidence. I told my man that, that was it, my dream of being a writer was in tatters and I'm giving up. Then I checked my email one last time - and there it was - Tra-lah! A reply from Xcite telling me they'd like to publish Retail Seduction in Kinky Girls.
Now, I'd always had a secret habit of writing naughties for myself, being too shy to buy any - so started to submit other stories. Imagine my joy when more got accepted - I'd found my niche.
But what about writing buddies? I am very social and love talking to other writers, hearing their news and ideas but my local writing group just didn't cater for the kink...
I tentatively looked up erotica on Facebook and I think the first page I liked was Erotica For All. From there I shyly asked other writers who I'd read and admired to be my friends - they did! And are! What a delight.
So now I'm still trying to get rid of these pesky mainstream novels, but working on erotic romance is where it's at for me.
Beachwalk Press took my novella, Mia's Books and it was published in July. Yay!

I have to go now but here's a list of people who make me happy (Among many, many more...) - I will come back and add to this list later - I'm late for a very important date!

Erotica for all
Kd Grace,
Justine Elyot,
Lucy Felthouse
Beachwalk Press
Lacy Wolfe
Pepper Anthony
Xcite Books
My man
Captain Paul Azad
Victoria Blisse
Shhh Women's Store
Kaleigh Newal
Theresa Stilwagon
Ms Rebecca Bond
Scarlet Hart


  1. Many happy returns and many more story acceptances to you! Very pleased to see a certain space anthropologist on your list up there too ;).

  2. Thanks Justine! Only just got to my celebratory fizz... working toooo hard. x x


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