Tuesday 1 May 2012

Meeting Her Match with Justine

Hi There,

Well, I've been a very lucky girl to get hold of my very own copy of Meeting Her Match by Justine Elyot - she sent it to me herself - me, a prize winner!

Now, I am already a fan of Justine's work and am always hopping about to read anything new by the lovely lady.

With that in mind - it's another belter ladies and gents.
By day, Cherry is a music teacher at a posh school, by night she is tentatively embarking on a trip to explore her kinkier side.
A chance encounter with a gentleman sailor all too willing to oblige at a speed dating night, shows Cherry how much fun a bit of spanking can be. Sadly, he has to go back to sea, leaving Cherry with the need to delve further into the BDSM scene. She chooses a website and the world is opened up.

This is one pacy book - I tell you, if I can read a book within a week, it must be smokin' hot. One of my favourite scenes is when Cherry takes the sailor, Stuart back to her flat and they indulge in one of her inner fantasies for the first time. I really felt like I was on a journey with Cherry and I loved her as a character. She is intelligent, witty, sexy, and full of turmoil about her fetishes which added to the realism and empathy I felt for her.

My other favourite bit is when she joins a website to find a dom. The way Cherry filters the emails offers from willing partners is just brilliant, and the naughtiness when she finds the perfect match - boy-o-boy.

Justine combines humour, worry, shame, desire and excitement with lashings and lashings of lust in the perfect balance.

I have to say I have only one gripe with this book - and that is it finished too soon! ;) - I wanted more of the relationship she finally ends up with... I'm not saying who though, but, yum! Justine always has me falling in love with her leading men... I'm always sorry to say goodbye.

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