Monday 18 March 2013

Sudden Sex

Sudden Sex
69 Sultry short stories edited by Alison Tyler.

Boy-o-boy - am I excited! Almost a year ago I sent my story The Scribe to a call for this anthology.  And now it's here.
It arrived the other day and after blushing at the postman who handed me a torn package, I scurried off and languished in the afternoon indulging in the most blissful reading session. There is some gorgeously erotic writing in here by authors I only used to dream of having a story beside.

The Scribe is a special tale for me as it was the very first piece of erotica that I read aloud to an audience - last year at The Festival of Erotic Arts in Edinburgh. I was so nervous but managed to get through it without leaving out toooo many naughty words... ;)

Here's a teeny-tiny snippet. Hope you will rush out and buy this book.

The Scribe

I’ve just hitched up my skirt. I’m kneeling and the hem is at my buttocks, almost exposing them, but not quite. The familiar tingling anticipation sweeps over my flesh as I part my thighs, just a little, and lift one of the implements laid out before me. I always start with the smallest – the finest.
I hold my breath and close my eyes letting my head fall back, jaw slack, in the pose that signifies the beginning of my ritual...

Sudden Sex

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