Wednesday 27 March 2013

A Guilty Conscience and WIP

Hello there and greetings from the cold!

I have a confession - I LOVE SNOW!!!
I feel quite unpopular. Everyone I talk to hates it and wishes it was gone.
I say - come on sparkly wintry wonder! How often do we ever get a winter where we can truly indulge in the frosty mayhem - usually it's just damp, bitter, wet and windy - a nothingness.
At least this is nature giving it laldy!
Problem is - as with all the things I love to indulge in - chocolate, sweeties, erotica - it is always accompanied by guilt. Guilt, guilt guilt.
So why is the snow that I love so making me feel guilty? Well, it's the poor little baby lambs freezing to death lying next to their mothers. And people stranded with no power or heat. And the folks stranded in their cars.
Jeez, it should be spring!
However - I try to hold on to my joy when I'm flouncing and bouncing and throwing myself around in the cold sweet crystal flakes getting frozen to the bone. The best bit?
Heating up afterwards of course! With the help of my favourite gentleman and a naughty book...
And it is this which is inspiring my newest work in progress - a historical (well, set in the 50s) erotic romance about a woman who cannot generate any body heat of her own and the guilt she feels at having to steel warmth from her partner. She worries she will suck the very life force from him if she continues in the way.
A frosty reptile.
So there we are again - the focus on feeling guilty...
And Easter is coming up - and the Easter Bunny is always very generous to me - so another bout of guilt will be gnawing away next week.
Don't be down-hearted reading this post - while I'm indulging in my chocolate eating, sledging marathon - I will be truly happy - for a little while at least!
Keep cosy y'all
Tabitha x x x

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