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August Alfresco!

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I love being outside - I get distinctly antsy if I stay indoors for more than a few hours - my new trilogy is all about mother nature in all her glory and my obsession with saving the world erotica style!
Here is a very sexy excerpt from my newest novel, Taking Flight - part of the The Meeting Point trilogy.
This really is a bit saucier than I usually post so those of you prone to blushing - please read with caution... ;)

Taking Flight - COMING SOON! - (prequel to A Clockwork Butterfly - available now)

She followed behind Marcus, having to remind herself to take in her surroundings every now and then, instead of staring incessantly at the hypnotic gait of his heels as they trod through the undergrowth. The forest was truly beautiful, mainly oak and silver birch filling it up. They must have been walking for at least a couple of hours when Marcus stopped her.
‘Shh.’ He reached back, halting her with his palm, ‘Listen.’ In the distance was a rhythmic cracking sound, biting into the air. Almost like a twig snapping underfoot but not quite. It was followed every now and then by a whimper. Deborah froze. The acoustics of the forest were oppressive yet oddly echoed the noise. It seemed to ricochet off the bark of the tree trunks and bounce right to them. She could tell Marcus was intrigued and he started moving, more cautiously this time, palming the branches as he went, being careful not to let them spring back in her face. As they moved closer to the sound, there was a small incline to climb. They got down on their bellies and crawled to the brow, which descended into a natural birch-lined amphitheatre. Deborah held her breath and stared at the sight before her.
Between two trees, a naked woman was tied spread-eagled. Lash marks were visible over her back and thighs. Her long hair tumbled about her shoulders as she let her head fall back. A scruffy-looking man wearing only woodcutter’s breeches stood slightly to the side of her, wielding a switch of what looked to Deborah to be red hazel. As they watched, the man sliced the switch through the air and whipped the woman soundly on the buttocks. She let out a throaty groan and Deborah went to spring forward to demand what was going on. No sooner had she twitched the first muscle than Marcus pounced on top of her, flattening her to the ground and holding her mouth closed. She breathed angrily though her nose as they kept watching the scene of torture.
‘Shh,’ Marcus growled into her ear. ‘Just watch.’ It was all she could do, pinned to the forest floor with her face aimed at the show. She was bewildered and all her instincts wanted to free the poor woman who was being so savagely beaten. Struggling, she tried to wriggle out of Marcus’ grip, but he held her fast and whispered again, ‘I mean it, watch …’
She relaxed her body, knowing the battle would be lost anyway and stared. The woman was swaying in what must have been agony on the ropes which bit into her wrists and ankles. The weight of Marcus on her back stifled Deborah’s breath. The whip lashed the woman once more. When the cry came, Deborah was shocked to feel Marcus pressing his pelvis into her behind. He was obviously enjoying the scene and his cock began to stir and harden, pressing into her flesh. Deborah didn’t know what to feel and was suddenly furious as he stared to slowly hump her bottom through their joint layers of clothing. She was about to scream out and throw him off when she saw the tied woman look round to her captor. Her eyes were sparkling and the most dazzling smile crossed her face. He let the cane fall to his side for a moment and leant in to kiss her, long and sensuously, while his free hand reached down between her legs and began to massage her pussy and arse. The woman responded by pressing her hips backwards, exposing as much of her sex to his advances as she could while tied to a tree. Marcus’ cock stiffened further as the man began to finger the woman slowly with two thick digits. Deborah saw that the fingers of the man and the inner thighs of the woman were slick with desire, and she started to feel the wet tingling in her own pussy.
Nature will take it back...
Marcus still had his hands over her mouth and started to massage her lips with his middle finger, forcing it in between her teeth, mimicking the pussy play on show for them. Deborah began to suckle him, letting him probe her mouth and pulse in and out of it like he was fucking her there. Her nipples puckered and peaked within her clothing. As if he felt it happen, Marcus’ other hand rode up under her top, into her bra, and pulled a breast out, exposing it to the earthy forest floor. Her whole body flooded with sensation as he tweaked her nipple and fingered her mouth while humping her to the sight of the two people performing below. She opened her legs and Marcus sank into the space between, riding her arse while she ground her mound into the dirt. He released her nipple and snaked his way down to her desperate pudenda. He cupped the bony nub, letting it rest on the fleshy heel of his hand while his fingers hooked into her dampening knickers through her skirt. She humped and wriggled until her skirt hitched up over her hips. Marcus helped it along. He pulled her knickers to the side and slid his fingers in and out in time with the attentions on her mouth. All the while they watched the man and woman. Laying down his crop, the man ducked under her arm and stood to face her. He looked at her intensely before falling to his knees in front of her, devouring her pussy in long, slurping kisses.
The woman made frantic whimpering noises again and writhed in her bindings. Deborah couldn’t take her eyes off the scene. Her pussy soaked through her panties while Marcus still fingered her. She was so wet and so full of desire that she sucked harder and deeper on Marcus’ hand, taking more and more fingers in, trying to swallow him up. He took the hint and dragged down his jeans, letting his thick, heavy cock fall out onto her arse. She arched her hips up, giving him the best entry, and he teased her, dipping in the tiniest way, easing her open slowly despite the fact she was so wet he could have sunk in unhindered. The woman below was now being licked and sucked as the man shoved two fingers deep into her. Deborah had the perfect view and thought she would pass out with the sheer lust of the situation.
She wanted to be fucked harder and deeper than she ever had – she wanted to be that woman, tied to the tree and whipped. Remembering the sting of the slap Marcus had given her the night before made her pussy burn with excitement.
The man was now pulling down his own trousers with his free hand, letting his sizable dick fall out before clutching it in his fist and pumping in time with his frantic attentions on the bound woman. She was howling with sexual abandon now and, finally, Marcus thrust himself deep inside Deborah’s yearning wet cunt. She panted damply through her nose and wriggled as Marcus returned his hand to between her pussy lips, rubbing her bud in time with his thrusting. Deborah had never felt so open and wanton and let her body flop as she witnessed the woman’s final squeal, watching as her pussy convulsed and her climax juices ran down the hand of the man while he came in a white arc over the springy forest floor. It was the horniest sight she’d ever seen and Deborah’s pussy began to spasm as the orgasm that she’d been on the brink of burst through, rippling from the pit of her abdomen out through her pussy, into her clit, all the way up through her torso, and out through her mouth in an ear-splitting shriek.
In full bloom
Marcus quickly rolled back, out of view from the couple who turned to see where the noise had come from. He flipped Deborah back into position and fucked her hard and fast from behind, grabbing her hair and biting into her shoulder to stop himself from shouting out too as he came deep inside her. She could feel his heart racing when he fell on top of her, and she did her best to resist the temptation to giggle. Adrenalin, sexual relief, and excitement had worked her up into a nervous state, and the thought of those two discovering their voyeurs made her almost hysterical. She couldn’t stop shaking as Marcus tried to keep her silent and still.
‘Shh,’ he whispered but she could hear the tell-tale quiver of a giggle in his voice too. He slowly eased off and motioned for her to come quickly and quietly. They snapped a couple of branches and started to run without looking back to where the man was now shouting after them...

“Find me at the meeting point. We are more than the physical.”

Four generations from now, toxins are ravaging the land and the future of mankind is in peril. The surviving men are being rounded up and taken to holding facilities. Research scientist, Dr Deborah Regan is hoping to stabilise the decreasing male population before her lover, Marcus becomes one of those taken away.

When the authorities come looking for Marcus, Deborah  abandons her research to go on the run with her lover. They flee to the forests where they stumble across a couple indulging in some very steamy alfresco loving who agree to teach them how to live in the wild. The couple also reveal that they are intent on finding an ultimate sexual union where at the point of climax their spirits break free from the confines of their bodies and unite.
Plunged into a life of lust and survival, Deborah soon realises she can easily slip into this trancelike state and she and Marcus set out to create a transcendent bond of their own.

Can they achieve the ultimate unity before fate separates them for good?

An erotic dystopian fantasy following a young couple trying to elude capture and separation.
The eagerly awaited prequel to A Clockwork Butterfly

I hope you enjoyed this steamy excerpt! If you would like to hear all about my news and when Taking Flight is released - please 'like' my Facebook page where I'll keep you up to date.
Love Tabitha x x x
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  1. Oh Tabitha, that really is a steamy excerpt ...and I absolutely loved it! I can't wait to read the rest.

    You writing style is pretty unique and your natural settings are truly amazing & described with fantastic detail which is what makes your books such a pleasure to read. xxx

    1. Thank you so much Sassy! I read your comment when I was out and about today - fair put a spring in my step, I'm telling you x x
      Good luck with the prize draw!

  2. Oh hotness! ♡ Whew!!!! I can't wait to read it!!


    erzabetwrites at gmail dot com

    1. Thanks Erzabet! I was in a bit of fluster posting it ;)
      And more thanks for commenting - good luck for that prize x x

  3. Wow! That was really sexy! ;)
    I may need a cold shower after that one!
    Very interesting blurb. Thank you for sharing.
    trb0917 at gmail dot com

    1. Thanks Tina - so glad you enjoyed it! Good luck in the prize draw! x x


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