Saturday 14 September 2013

Taking Flight - oh yeah!

Hey gentlelasses and gentlefellows - a huge welcome along today - I got the cover art for my new book and I needed to share it with you all. If any of you have read A Clockwork Butterfly - this is the prequel... Taking Flight. It should be available very soon - follow me here or on Facebook if you would like to know when it becomes available, thank you :D
Here is the unofficial blurb...

“Find me at the meeting point. We are more than the physical.”

Four generations from now, toxins are ravaging the land and the future of mankind is in peril. The surviving men are being rounded up and taken to holding facilities. Research scientist, Dr Deborah Regan is hoping to stabilise the decreasing male population before her lover, Marcus becomes one of those taken away.

When the authorities come looking for Marcus, Deborah  abandons her research to go on the run with her lover. They flee to the forests where they stumble across a couple indulging in some very steamy alfresco loving who agree to teach them how to live in the wild. The couple also reveal that they are intent on finding an ultimate sexual union where at the point of climax their spirits break free from the confines of their bodies and unite.
Plunged into a life of lust and survival, Deborah soon realises she can easily slip into this trancelike state and she and Marcus set out to create a transcendent bond of their own.

Can they achieve the ultimate unity before fate separates them for good?

An erotic dystopian fantasy following a young couple trying to elude capture and separation.
The prequel to A Clockwork Butterfly and the second book in The Meeting Point trilogy - COMING SOON!

Thanks for reading to the very end - I hope it whets your appetite - it is rather saucy in places so be prepared for blushes and more!

Tabitha x x x

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