Wednesday 12 February 2014

Excitement for the Big Day!

Just popping by to tell you how excited I am about Valentine's day coming up! (There may be a special gift in store just for you, so pop back on Friday!) I am a die hard fan of the whole thing. I get told off by many people - saying, "It's just a con invented to encourage mass consumerism!" or "It's just a lot of superficial nonsense that makes people stressed!" or "It's commercialism at it's worst".

Well to that I say NONSENSE!!

There's nothing like the feeling, the thrill of anticipation the night before when you slip into a silky bubble bath wondering who your dashing mystery hero might be - the black polo necked fiend who deposits a box of Milk Tray on your pillow, then leaves without a sound (the swine!) or the handmade card with scribbly left handed writing to disguise the author? Or that moment where a someone you've never met before suddenly gives you flower... ok so - perhaps I am influenced somewhat by adverts from a certain era - but I'm telling you - take the time to send a card! You will make somebody smile to the roots of their being!

Here's my secret - I know I will be getting a Valentine's card. I've known every year from the age of 7 and I cherish it lovingly to my bosom - knowing full well who took the time to do such a gesture.

Now a lady would never tell... but thank you Gran, makes my year!

Go on - get out there and send that card!
And pop back here for your special Valentine's gift from me and my friends

x x x

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