Monday 3 February 2014

My Writing Process - blog tour

Hello hello! I got tagged by the gorgeous Kd Grace for this fun writing process blog - a bunch of writers playing tig and sharing how they work :D here's Kd's here - fascinating insight into her writing quirks and a sneaky peek into a new genre.
So I did an angsty hop recently so let's see if anything's changed in a coupla weeks!

1)     What am I working on?
Quiet night in

Recently I've taken a little break from writing - even though I am halfway through a story of infidelity set in the 50s - I needed to just stop and take a breath. However, the creatives among you will know that you can't do nothing! You cannot not express yourself in some way at least once a day - so I've been indulging in doodles and sketches. Here's one I did today for my friend Lily Harlem ;) 

2)     How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, while I work under the umbrella of erotica, I don't think anything I've ever written or created adheres strictly to a specific genre or type. That can be tricky if someone asks what my stories are about. There's a few books I've written that simply can't be placed with conventional publishers because they just can't be labelled. My trilogy (The Meeting Point) is basically about the impending apocalypse and how transcendental sexual connection will save the day... (I think). 

3)     Why do I write what I do?

I just go with whatever doors are opened in my imagination at the time. Over the past few years the erotic genre has been the key that seems to open that door and the stories have just flowed. This may change - sometimes I shift to poetry, sometimes graphic novels, I could never pin myself down. The reason that writing erotica is so gratifying is that you can explore any sub genre. And if you do it well and get involved completely in the scene you are committing to the page - by god, you can not beat that rush! I am telling you - phew! It sure has its benefits ;)

4)     How does your writing process work?

Usually I will have had the bit of the story I need to write simmering away in my mind for a few days and wait excitedly for those hours when I can sit uninterrupted at my laptop - I'll ache for that moment. Then it will come and I will find anything to avoid putting my bum on that chair. The bathroom suddenly looks shabby and needs repainted, or the flowerbed which has been neglected for years will suddenly need weeding... it's only when my precious few hours have almost drained away that I grab a huge mug of tea and sit down and blast the keys until I'm ready to pass out that it all comes out. I've always worked best under guilt and pressure!
Well there you have it - thanks so much for tagging me Kd!

Here's my taggees! 
I decided to tag the fantastic Oleander Plume again because I loved the answers to her other hop so much. Here's a little bit about the gal:
Oleander Plume writes erotica, shops for shoes and sometimes ponders the bigger picture. She can be found online at
Oh you must follow her on Twitter - she's great fun! 
I'm also tagging the AWESOME Justine Elyot. A huge favourite of mine and even though she's my buddy I'm still a total fangirl. I've just finished reading Lecture Notes and it's another 5*!
Justine Elyot writes erotic fiction for a number of publishers including Black Lace, Mischief and Totally Bound. Her popular books include On Demand, The Business of Pleasure, Meeting Her Match and Kinky.
Oh - you can follow the progress of this hop and read lots of other writers' contributions by hanging out at Twitter with this tag #mywritingprocess
Thanks for stopping by - and remember to check out those sites x x x 

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