Tuesday 18 March 2014

A Quickie

Hi there lovely people of cyberspace!

I just wanted to quickly remind you of the free book Sexy Just Walked into Town
Grab it now! For Free - with all kinds of saucy smutty action from soppy gooey love to full on BDSM hot action, you'll find it all here, between these virtual pages :D - I think you can even read a snippet of Lexie Bay's Flesh for Fantasy and oh my goodness me, if that doesn't get you panting and wafting your lace handkerchief around your blushing cheeks, I don't know what will!
Amazon UK
Amazon com

I was lucky enough to meet up with these sexy ladies in Bristol for Eroticon and I have to tell you, what a bloody lovely bunch of jolly naughty chappesses they are! Especially Lexie and Lily who managed to persuade l'ill ol' me to come to the pub for a refreshing libation or three throughout the weekend...
Theses ladies are...
 Lucy FelthouseLily HarlemKd Grace,Kay JaybeeLexie BayEmmyEllisVictoria Blisse
And together we are, The Brit Babes
The collective term for a group of erotica writers, I believe, is an ejaculation.

Have a fun day!

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