Wednesday 12 March 2014

Everyone else is doing it, so am I!

Free! Until Sunday!
I'm talking about the Eroticon round ups! I am still on a massive come down and just have not been able to start this post – what an amazing time. How fab to be with people you don't have to think quickly whether what comes forth from your psyche via your mouth is appropriate – you can just let it all hang out! Yay :D – and yes, this is the blog where I try to name everyone and link to them so you can see how awesome they are too... Eroticon is an erotica and sex writers' conference.

*This just in - South Bank Seduction is an anthology of saucy stories from folks who attended last year's Eroticon - free until Sunday!*

Friday night was spent with my Brit Babes – an anniversary celebration as we conceived this little group at last year's Eroticon – we got together to help boost each other and bring out more work as erotica writers. We are Lucy Felthouse, Lily Harlem, Kd Grace, Kay Jaybee, Lexie Bay, EmmyEllis, Victoria Blisse and joined by the lovely Mr Kev MitnikBlisse.

It was so exciting to meet with friends and colleagues and meet up with new people too. I tried my best to go round and talk to people I hadn't met before but I think I only managed about 67%. I am endeavouring to catch up with this task on good ol' social media.

Fabulous, beautiful Ruby Kiddle welcomed us and they keynote speakers, warned of censorship and obscenity laws. (My notes from these sessions are pretty much, I'm going to gaol!) - very interesting and a little terrifying.

Yes, that place...
I went along to AshleyLister class – only to find myself giggling and being pretty basic (along with my classmates I might add, not to mention the host!) but through the hilarity, lots of lessons were learned and now I'm trawling through my manuscripts and weeding out the crap. I made it to the sex and spirituality talk with Kd Grace and Victoria – it was a brilliant meeting of curious euphoric souls who are all striving through many paths to describe, pretty much, the same thing... that point... that space... it was awesome! I'm telling ya – I'm writing a blog to explore my feelings on the massive subject... watch this space – I may even start a series getting some opinions from my fellow writers and you dear reader. So fascinating.

Now, here's where the days are merging and things may not flow as they ought. I went to a copywriting talk by the gorgeous and spell binding Cara Sutra – She captivated us for an hour with her advice for writing professionally for the adult industry. Thanks Cara!

There were lots of classes I had to miss because of timing and one that I especially wished I could have managed the space time continuum more effectively was Lily Hastings' guide to body parts. Knowing your arse from another part of your body which I do not know as I missed the workshop! She is soooooo lovely, bubbly and vivacious – we need a whole weekend devoted to her energy!

I didn't manage to stay through the whole of Ecstatic BDSM with London Faerie though I heard it was stunning.

We went for dinner and hung out with people I gasp about when I think of them, so you can imagine my delight! The Britbabes joined by Ashley, Vida Bailey (my new soul crush), Janine Ashbless, MK Elliot, Jacqueline Brocker and Jeniffer Denys. Then the cocktail party – I know, can it get any better???!!! Things began to get hazy – I talked to so many awesome people – I'll make a list at the end with links so you can check them out... however, one was another Tabitha, if by any miracle you are reading this, I didn't get your card, but I loved meeting you! Good luck with the writing :)

Then things fell into the delightful when a rather suave gentleman came up to our group and asked if one of us was Tabitha Rayne? Why yes, (I almost dropped my handkerchief) – well, this gentleman happened to have a gift from me all the way from Oleander Plume in the US – guess what it was? I'm not telling, but it smelled lovely and was nice and tight ;) - hand delivered by the mysterious and lovely EA Unadorned... thank you. (That sounded a bit rude, I'm trying my best not to edit it out...) Met Dale and Lee from ETO too...

God, I'm falling apart...
Lily's article in ETO and Renee's spanker!

We got fab swag bags with lovely things – books, lube, and even a gorgeous garter from Emily Dubberly – thank you! I'm still wearing it with pride :D – Oh and a fucking awesome spanking stick from Renee Rose!!

Sunday was eased in gently with a sun filled breakfast on the canal – heavenly!

I went to KristinaLloyd's flash fiction workshop – “Flash fiction is the clitoris of literature!” amen. Amen! We got treated to readings from delicious ladies Molly Moore and Janine Ashbless.

One of my favourite things was getting Vida Bailly to myself for coffee in the sunshine. I think I might have to keep her!

New books!
I met so many lovely people – Fidencia Solomon is always a favourite – mwoah!
The readings and high tea at the end of the weekend were a perfect finale. I can't believe it was Mister Gryphon and Harper Elliot's first time hosting together – bravo! Quick shout out for Judith Watts' fab poetry.

Oh - the sponsers - fab! And everyone's talking about Doxy massagers - read this awesome review from Girl on The Net

Now I think I am spent. Utterly. I'm sorry if I left you out of this list – I will be kicking myself for days over who I forgot to mention.

I've been told the optimum number of words in a blog is 300 – so I've blown that big time – if you are reading this – thanks for sticking with me :D


  1. Oh la, la my darling, beautifully put! You know I lurve you… just been looking at our happy smily selfies from the cocktail party - we're not looking bad considering… :-)

    Lily x

    1. Lily!!!! I am still in denial that I'm back to normal life... I skimmed over our time there as it needs its very own space :D what an amazing inspiring time - you rocked my wee socks off! x x x

  2. Here here! To all of that :) hug*

    1. Just fabulous to hang out with you! What a weekend - honestly, I'm still there I think x x x


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