Tuesday 12 August 2014

A Bunch of Chemical Reactions

Boo - no flip-flops
Is that what defines us?

The chemicals that rush through our bodies. Are we simply bossed around by hormones?

Do we really have any free will? Or does nature control our every drive and desire?

I'm thinking... I think our mood and desires are a result of the stimuli around us combined with all of the above. For example, if I hear a certain melodic tune when I'm feeling a little low, I might delve further into that melancholic space and simply let myself dwell in the sublime floaty house of wallowing in self pity.

However, put on a bit of Led Zep or Jack White and I will be dragged jumping and wooping out of my grumps into a state of dribbling joy.

The sight of a handsome gentleman in tweeds and flip flops on a day where I'm feeling slightly off colour - oh boy - what a cure all! And what if a lady in a corset happens to drop by? That's it. I'm gone. Is it a rush of hormones that do this? Is it simply the chemicals that start the fluttering?

What about smell? Ahhh the heavenly fragrance of privet flowers take me back to my childhood summers of playing movie stars with my sister under my granny's privet tree. We would practise our swoons and screen kisses into the crooks of our arms as the tiny waxy petals fell about us like confetti.

I have no answers, I'm simply interested.

What are the sights, sounds, feelings and smells that turn your day around?
By the way - these images are from my Pinterest page - I'm unsure about the rules on sharing them here but hopefully all the links take you back to whoever put them there in the first place :D

I really would love to hear what you think of all this.

Thanks for stopping by y'all x x x

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