Saturday 6 September 2014

An invitation...

I mean, look at this! Someone made this! Amazing

OK so as a writer I'm ALWAYS on the internet asking questions and researching for my books - checking spelling or colloquialisms. It fills me with wonder that people have bothered to be so helpful by uploading all this incredible information that I just take for granted. Amazing.

It makes me acutely aware of how much information I do not upload. Sure, I put some fiction up and chat to my friends offering support where I can, but I have rarely put up instructions or how tos or any other helpful-to-you information. That is probably to do with the fact that I don't feel qualified enough in any field to give advice on how you could do things 'right' or better'.

I have written books, yes, but many other authors do it far more successfully and already give amazing help and advice on the whole writing thang. So I've been thinking... what the hell do I do that I can offer any insight in to. Well, I have a talent for constructing flat pack furniture - who doesn't? My house is always a disaster so DIY or cleaning tips are out. Crafting is done better by others (though I do have VERY scary horror make up tips which I'm saving for Halloween - oh yeah). Pretty much everything I have to offer is already done better and already out there. My sister showed me the proper way to hang loo rolls but that would take a sentence (paper draped over the front). So what can I share? Then I remembered, I invent stuff! Yay! So my how-to will be instructions on how to build your own.... ooohh not telling but I hope you'll come and see :D

Esther Williams
I wish I could give you tips
on how to do this!

I am throwing open this blog once a week and hoping that some spectacular guests come my way to show or tell you how to do things. Every Monday I'm going to post something new from one of these esteemed fellows.

I sooo hope you'll pop by - if you are an author/blogger/person who would like to join in the fun - please email me on tabitharayne@ gmail. com

Anything goes! Tell me how to make a glitter ball - or the rules on where to place a napkin when you leave the table - algorithm for choosing a name, best lipstick, bedsocks, teacosies, horse riding, sex/ relationship tips or even writing/ publishing tips! I want this to be a fun exchange. I want to 'give something back' to the internet that it might never have had...

Thank you sweet lovelies!

I look forward to sharing tips!

x x x xx

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