Monday 15 September 2014

How to make a sexy stocking Puppet!

Hey there me hearties!

Now I'm sure you all took part in the Snog for Sommer yesterday and were coveting one or two of the prizes... If you didn't win a certain sexy puppet - never fear! As part of my Giving Back to the Internet series (see here) I'm showing you how to make your very own! By the way - if the posts are still up - you have to look at them - I have been astonished at some of the writing as I catch up with them today...

And so to the main event!
How to make this little beauty!

Yes, this could be yours...

Let's begin!

1: Choose an old but clean stocking
This is a French heel but Cuban is equally good

2: Fold back the toe and secure with glue to make a face

3: Choose a strong red vinyl and draw
on some pouty lips*

4: Cut out lips (careful scissors are sharp!)

5: Insert your arm into the stocking to find
where the lips should be placed

6: Glue on the lips making sure
there is a mouth space

7: Begin drawing the eyes-
I used the back of the lip vinyl
8: Make them as sultry as possible
Think - Margarita Pracatan

9: Is she a blue eyed beauty? Or brown
the choice is yours...

10: Careful with those peepers

11: Glue on in a sexy position - remember -
expression is key - along with glamour
I have chosen a Marylin Monroe inspired hair-do
Classic and chic - timeless for the modern

12: Accessorize to your heart's content.
Real gemstones give that
certain je ne sais quoi.
I have used a rose quartz
choker for added class

Now off you go! Time is a wastin'

*Lips inspired by Salvador Dali's room for Mae West
Borrowed from Pinterest

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