Thursday 2 October 2014

Journey of a Painting

Well hello y'all

I'm not felt like writing much recently I'm afraid so I have no little gems of anything wordy to share but I was commissioned to do a painting for the lovely author, Ms Samantha Darling. It took longer than I should have in coming up with the actual idea but once I got going I think it went pretty well.

I thought I'd share the steps...

1 - Think up the image you want to depict. This can take the longest time and usually results in several failed attempts. If you can't quite work from imagination use a model or a photo of your model. I like to work with dramatic lighting so that every shadow and highlight is emphasised.

2 - Rough sketch.

3 -Define the outline with pen.

4 - Gently paint in the shadows with diluted ink.

5 - Add further definition with the shadows.

6 - Think you're finished? Leave for a day then check for strangeness.

7 - Final touch ups then unveil :D

8 - Package up and send away.

Hope you like it Ms D!

See more on my drawings page. Thanks x x x

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