Saturday 6 December 2014

Journey of a Portrait

Hello, hello

Well, I've been holding back on this post for quite some time as it is a little bit special for me. About 6 weeks ago the incredibly eloquent and beautiful Malin James commissioned a portrait. I would usually tweet my progress with my drawings, but there is something about a portrait that is fragile, secret and raw. I didn't want to share it with anyone but Malin just in case she didn't like what I'd done. But happily, she likes it so I can show it off now.

With all my work, it takes me a long time thinking about it before I even put a line on the page. This was no exception as I had to make sure I was happy with the contrast and composition so the first picture really ought to be a blank canvass... I'll spare you that one, just imagine it. :D

Initial tentative sketch

Blocking in the shadows

Adding the drama
Almost there

So there you have it - the journey of my portrait of Malin James.

You should definitely pay her an online visit.

Check out my other portraits and drawings on my drawings page :D

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  1. Oh, Tabitha, how beautiful. Malin must be over the moon. What a gorgeous thing to have.

  2. Oh my! I love this, and it shows the beauty of a woman beautiful inside and out.

  3. This is beautiful and I love seeing the different stages.

  4. Thank you, Tabitha. I know I've said that a lot but it's worth saying again. I'm so happy to have one if your pieces. This portrait is even more beautiful in person. In fact, it's perfect. You're so talented it kind of takes my breath away. xxx

  5. Wow - thank you for your amazing comments everyone! So lovely of you to take the time to do that. x x x x I had a very beautiful muse ;)


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