Thursday 18 December 2014

Tabitha's Tips for Keeping Cosy this Blissemas

Merry Blissemas! As many of us have experienced, winter can get chilly. This year I thought I'd share some top tips on how to keep cosy and some saucier excerpts from some of my books to get you thoroughly heated through :D

Guess what? Today's Blissemas spot prize is ebooks of my entire erotic dystopian Clockwork Butterfly trilogy too - so if you want to win please Facebook or tweet me baby - @tabithaerotica use the tag #SexyCosy (if you like, it's not compulsory) and tell me your favourite way to keep cosy in the winter time ;)

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And so - to keeping cosy. I am quite a cold blooded person, I love winter but I am always freezing, especially my feet and nose.

One of my bestist friends saw the icicles hanging from my nose one year and fashioned me a very natty nose warmer. What do you think? Pretty sexy, huh? All you have to do, is cut a square of fabric from your softest, warmest jumper (avoid the nipple area as you will find yourself having to use another cosy jumper as a patch) - cut two small holes at opposite corners, thread through some festive ribbon (I like to use tinsel, though it does itch somewhat) and tie securely at the back of your head as shown by my lovely assistant Christmas Red Riding Hood. I hope you will make one - they really do help ease the chill.

Ok - the other tips are pretty straightforward, put on thick socks, jumpers, hot water bottles, a toddy etc.  Basically all the things that heat you up from the outside in. The best way to get warm, however, is to do it from the inside out. To do this, you will need just one thing. Some erotic literature. :D

To start the thawing process, I thought I'd share some very short and to the point snippets from some of the books I have brought out this year... I'll put the links beside them, some, like, Brit Babes -  Sexy Walked Into Town are free and some are part of the prize today - so go mad! Don't just get cosy this winter, get HAWT :D

The first two are from The Clockwork Butterfly Trilogy (Today's Blissemas spot prize)

Taking Flight
The hands under her back were removed and placed between her inner thighs. He pushed her legs apart, stretching the material further into her. Then he pushed his tongue into the dip of her entrance, using it like a tiny battering ram, again and again. It was an odd sensation, like being flicked by something pleasant, yet strangely invasive, considering nothing was inside her. He licked his way up to her clit and filled the space left by his tongue with two knuckles. As he teased her hardening bud, he began the pulsing ramming motions with his hand. Deborah caught her breath as part of the fabric gave and entered her a little.

The Meeting Point
Mae walked slowly toward Lena, the fake cock swaying comically, and Mae smiled.
  “Do you like what you see, Lena?” she purred. “Do you like how hard my big, fake dick is for you?”
  Lena was blushing ferociously, fully aware that Mae was goading her natural shyness and reserve. She nodded.
  “Tell me then,” Mae said, running her hand along the rubber shaft, mimicking Angelo’s movements. “Tell me what you want me to do with it.”
  Lena glanced at Angelo and back to Mae. She was turned on beyond belief. She wished she could throw away all her inhibitions and be more like Mae, but the words clung to the back of her throat and wouldn’t come out.
  “Fine.” Mae came even closer. “I’ll tell you what I know you want me to do with it.”
  Lena was relieved and her arousal swelled, her sex plump and hot. She loved Mae’s filthy words coming from her sexy, dirty mouth. Mae continued.
  “Grab your pretty tits for me.”
  Lena obeyed, toying with the hardened nubs and squeezing the rounded flesh.
  “That’s it. You want me to push you up against that tree and fuck you hard, don’t you?”
  Mae was so close now that the rubber cock slapped at Lena’s thigh. Lena nodded.
  “Good. I knew it.” She pressed Lena’s sternum with her palm and pushed. Lena stumbled a little in the leaf debris, but Mae kept pushing until her back slammed against the gnarly trunk. “I bet your tight, little cunt is so wet for me right now, I don’t even need to spread your juices.”

Sexy Just Waked into Town - FREE! by The Brit Babes - download yours now HERE :D
The Scribe
I’ve just hitched up my skirt. I’m kneeling and the hem is at my buttocks, almost exposing them, but not quite. The familiar tingling anticipation sweeps over my flesh as I part my thighs, just a little, and lift one of the implements laid out before me. I always start with the smallest – the finest.
I hold my breath and close my eyes letting my head fall back, jaw slack, in the pose that signifies the beginning of my ritual. I run the tip of the long fine shaft up the inside of my thigh, swirling and sweeping as I go, imagining the pattern it makes on my skin. My hand is shaking and the hairs on the back of my neck bristle in delight.
If you really concentrate on your body, you can feel which nerve endings are connected. For example, if you arouse or tickle the tiny fine hairs just at the corner of your mouth, It sends a tingling
sensation to the inside of your elbow – if you follow the line and sweep just there, you can trace a path all the way to the heavenly dip and peak of your sex.
I defy you not to try it now.

Go on, let your hand reach to the side of your mouth, go on...

Chemical [se]X A very sexy and chocolatey anthology edited by Oleander Plume
The Dinner Guest
As we reach our door I glance back only to see Jasper feeding Luca one of the chocolates he was holding in the taxi.
What the hell?
His lips engulf the melting candy and Jasper pushes his fingers in a little. Their eyes meet and in that moment, I see a decision has been made. Luca sucks greedily on the digits wrapping his tongue and lips around them, swallowing them deep into his mouth. Both their expressions are heavy with lust and my knees buckle. I fall against the door and it breaks them from their spell.
“What's going on?” I ask with my breath alone, no sound escapes me. I am floaty and excited, am I tripping?
Luca leans against the wall with a goofy sexed out look on his face and Jasper strides to me, another chocolate in his grip.
“Here, eat it,” he commands, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back, making no mistake about my instruction. As he drops the chocolate into my open mouth he slides his fingers on my tongue, fingering my mouth as if it were my pussy. It is filthy rude and my cunt yearns. He rolls his pelvis into my side to show me his hard on and I chance a glance at Luca who is rubbing his own erection through his trousers.
As I swallow the sweet liquor of melted chocolate and saliva I feel elevated beyond any need I've ever had.
“Unlock the fucking door, someone, now.” I fumble about and the keys fall to the floor. Jasper dips down and pauses on his knees, observing my spread feet. Like a feral animal pouncing, he dips up and under my dress, clawing at my panties, biting and tonguing my pussy through the fabric.
Luca comes over and I'm worried he'll be furious with me for allowing another man into my private space but he just smiles and stoops to take the key from Jasper' grip. He quickly opens the door and we stumble and fall inside, grabbing at furniture, anything to catch our balance in this tangle of bodies...

And there you have it! I hope this has gone some way to heating you up this Blissemas! Thank you for stopping by and remember to comment/tweet/like if you want to win any of those prizes!
@tabithaerotica use the tag #SexyCosy
Merry Christmas!
Love Tabitha x x x


  1. The nose warmer would seem to have a few other practical uses ...ahem.. Merry Christmas xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Karen - it's very stylish and super easy to make :D x x x we are going to look soooo awesome this season!

  3. Clever yet sexy, can't beat that!

    Trix, vitajex(at)aol(Dot)com

  4. Hot excerpt! Sounds like an interesting read!

    1. Thank you - hope it's heated you up in time for the cold weather x x x

  5. Perhaps something like a c*** cozy should be made for your sexy Scotsmen to wear beneath their kilts :)

  6. Oh my, love the nose warmer!

    emmasmom69 AT gmail DOT com

  7. I love cuddling up in the winter. I grab a book, hide in a quiet corner and curl up. I have a favorite blanket thats double sided. Its really soft on one side, a soft wooly side on the other and super thick. And in some hot coco, you have my favorite winter activity! lol :P Thank you for sharing! Great post! Happy holidays!

  8. Thank you to everyone who took part! All the Blissemas winners have been contacted - if you didn't win - please know that every comment gave me the hugest smile and cosy feeling so thank you again. Please join me again soon in my little corner of the blogosphere x x x


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