Wednesday 8 April 2015

Happy Spring!!

Honestly - what a difference a day really does make.

Today I went outside to glorious sunshine and got that feeling... that 'something's happening' feeling. The sap is rising! The bees are frolicking - stories are forming... it's been a long winter and today has come in the nick of time.
I have debates and blog ideas rolling around in my head all the time, I just never seem to get the time to just put them out there - and now I have a little half hour this morning, instead of finally getting some of the opinions and chat out that have been building up for weeks, I have been distracted by spring!

Which always seems to be the case when I'm writing - all the plans go awry when a character does something unexpected. Much like spring - you know it's coming but something like a new flower in your garden might just surprise you enough to change your plans for the day.

So here's some flowers which just assaulted and bewitched my senses this morning.

Happy spring - may your sap always be rising!

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