Monday 30 March 2015


Well hello there,

I've been inspired by Malin James' post and Kink of the Week to let you in to the secret world of Tabitha...

I'm corset mad - really.

A 1980s C&A original!
I have a fairly androgynous shape I think - broad shoulders, rectangular body, flat bum - I'm not sure I felt masculine or feminine when I was younger. If you saw me from behind you might wonder if I was male or female. I often felt like a fraud in a skirt and pretty puffed sleeved top - really - these did NOT suit me. So when I was about fourteen I tried on my mother's zip up corset top from C & A - suddenly I got it. I felt feminine. I felt pretty. And I also felt like Snow White when she got tied too tightly into a corset by the peddlar woman... the wicked stepmother! I LOVED that story - I think I read it a hundred times, poring over the beautiful pictures of Snow White swooning in ties, or golden combs or poisoned apples...

Anyway - back to the clothing! I inherited that very corset and here I am in it today...

Corsets are my one indulgence. I don't go to the beauty parlour, or hairdresser, I still think of the shoes I bought three years ago as 'my good new ones'.

I only wear steel boned now. I don't have a custom made one like Malin's but I hope to one day - though the bloomers were hand made especially for me by a friend of mine. There's another kink - next time!

Here are some of my corsets
Green steel boned

Red sweetheart neckline

Black underbust -
this is my favourite corset of all

Little red underbust
This is a squeeze!
Pass the smelling salts :D
Thanks to Malin for her wonderful post which truly describes how I feel about wearing corsets - please go and read it! Click Here

And remember to check out the other corset aficionados over at kink of the Week!


  1. They are sooooo pretty .... I wore a corset under my wedding dress and it was so comfy - but it got lost in a move hoo .....

    1. Ah! Alison, you'll have to treat yourself x x

  2. Those corsets are beautiful. These posts are making me really itch to get one myself :)

    1. You really must get one Karen - they feel glorious! Thank you x x

  3. Ohhh man. Your favourite is my favourite too!

    1. Thanks lovely - if I'm in a very naughty mood I'll pair it with a see through shirt and no brassiere ;)
      x x

  4. I love the red longline corset, it wouldn't fit me as I am too short in the body but it looks beautiful on you


    1. Thank you Molly - that post of yours with the overbust/ balcony is simply stunning though!
      Corset magic huh? x x

  5. They're beautiful, and I too am feeling the urge to get one. You and Malin have inspired me. It would be for the bedroom only though I think ;)

    1. Oh Rebecca - I'm telling you, once you've corseted, you never go back! :D thanks for the lovely comment x x


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