Saturday 16 May 2015

ETO Magazine Interview!

Check it out... I'm in a Magazine!

I was interviewed by the lovely editor and novelist, Dale Bradford for May's Erotic Trade Only mag.
That's me!
You can read it properly online if you click these links and follow the instructions :)

But that's not the most exciting news from this issue - no - the most exciting news is that the nominations for the Erotic Trade Only Awards are in there! And guess what, two fabulous Brit Babes are up for Best Erotica Writer again this year!

KD Grace and Kay Jaybee are there and I'm hoping to cheer them on at a riotous Brit Babe table. Ms Grace won last year. We were so thrilled!
The fantastic Emily Dubberly of Cliterati and Erotic World Book Day fame is up and they are all joined by EL James and Tiffany Reize.

Congratulations to all the ladies!

You can vote - there are lots of categories over the adult erotic industries so lots to choose from. There's so many other cool peeps in there like Cara Sutra, Renee Dyer from Shh, Coco De Mer, Rocks Off and loads more - all waiting for votes!

Follow the instructions on how to here.

I was so excited to be in this mag and I took it to my gran's to show her - if any of you have had your hands on a copy, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say, I blushed a little when showing her the centrefold.

Anyway - until next time, Happy Voting and lots of love x x x

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