Saturday 23 May 2015

Free Best Selling Sexy Book!

That's right!

Indulge in some sex book reading and erotic chocolate action for FREE!

Chemical [se]X is free! But hurry ony until the 25th of May...

It reached the giddy heights of NUMBER 1 in the free Amazon bisexual erotica chart - woo-hoo!

And look! Here it is at number 1 - :D

Here's the blurb (go on, you know you want to...):

[1] idea + [13] writers = an erotic anthology like no other!

Chemical [se]X by Oleander Plume starts off this unique collection with a bang. Using a top-secret ingredient, two lonely scientists create the most powerful aphrodisiac chocolates the world has ever seen.

The idea: What would happen if these chocolates reached the hands of consenting adults?

13 writers: From seasoned writers to fresh new voices, each author took the idea and ran - creating mini-masterpieces of chocolate, seduction, and red-hot sizzling sex that will leave your cheeks burning and your fingers reaching for!

The anthology: A stale marriage finds its spark, hot man on man sex at a roller disco, a sub turns Domme, twosomes become threesomes become foursomes, coworkers turn sex partners, dinner parties go wild, friends become lovers, scorching marital romance in a subway station, a woman finds freedom from a strict religious order - these chocolates need to carry a warning, just like this book: too hot to handle!

Authors (in order of appearance): Oleander Plume, Jade A. Waters, Dario Dalla Lasta, Malin James, Tabitha Rayne, Jacob Louder, F. Leonora Solomon, Exhibit A, C.E. Hansen, L. Maretta, Ella Dawson, Tamsin Flowers, Annabeth Leong

Take a bite of Chemical [se]X and taste the attraction!

Here's the book trailer to go with it...

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