Monday 17 August 2015

Minty Embrace

It's Masturbation Monday and I'm taking part...

I woke up feeling horny this morning.
Warm juices still sticky on my thighs from last night's lovemaking.
I roll my hip back and nudge my ass into the crook of your sleeping body. My clit is yearning and my pussy throbs – from arousal and the depths you explored just a few hours ago. I breathe the scent of sleep and love. It is at once delicious and sordid somehow as daylight strains through the blackout blind. And I know you’ve hit snooze until the alarm gave up. You’ll be late.
“Eat me,” I whisper as I nudge again, my hand drifting back to your hardening cock.
“Mmmm.” Your arm curls over me in response sliding down over my belly and mound. “Mmmm,” you say again and grind your hips slowly into my ass from behind trapping my hand between us. Your fingers curl into my clit and folds and you smear our mingled juices all over my pussy.
“Eat me,” I say again and you nuzzle into my hair at the back of my neck, lips closed.
“I’ll just go and clean my teeth,” you whisper carefully into the pillow so as not to cause embarrassment.
“I don’t care, just kiss me,” I turn but you are already pulling away, dragging tangled sheets as you go.

Damn it. I was so ready, so close. My want so big and ferocious. I can feel it subsiding. I don’t know if you realise how fragile the brink is. I ought to get up. I’ve got so much to do today. Fuck, I’ll be late too. My mind starts whirring about the day’s events and I’m about to reach for my phone to check my emails when the duvet lifts from the bottom of the bed and you crawl up, coaxing me on to my back so you can wriggle up between my legs.
“Oh,” I drop the phone as you part my thighs at my pussy and glide your tongue from my ass all the way up dipping into my pussy then swirling over my clit. I’m trembling already, head grinding back and forth into the pillows, teeth clenched. I grab your hair and force you onto me again. It feels minty, my pussy feels minty. Your toothpaste is cool on my soaking flesh. It is getting cooler. Cold almost – peppery and strange.
I wriggle trying to get away now from the odd sensations. You grip my hips and clamp your mouth hard onto my clit and suckle. Your cold minty tongue swirling and flicking my tight bundle of nerves like a tiny battering ram. It’s back, the swelling of my climax is back in the pit of my core and I grind again, working my hands through your hair.
My toes are pointed so hard that my calves begin to cramp and I bend my knees bringing them up and squeezing your head gently between.

Oh, oh, that’s it, that’s it, you let go of my thigh and slide two fingers into my greedy pussy. I clench and convulse around them and my body shudders as my head flips into that other place. Riding up into the ether, suspended on the brink until, with one final hard flick of your tongue, I release. I come on your fingers and face as my body writhes and you hold me tight in your cold, minty embrace.

So there you have it! Remember to hop on over to Kayla Lord's place for more sexy stories x x x


  1. Blimey Tabitha, just reading this has left me panting! Love it :) xx

    1. Thanks Sassy! I'm quite glad to hear that ;) x x x

  2. Oh my. *fans self* Loved this. The description of pointing toes and cramping calves is so perfect.

    HGG. xx

  3. Oh my such good description of the want and how fragile it is..I want right now...

  4. i breathe the scent of sleep and love, this is gorgeous and urgent and all good things!

  5. Both hot and cool at the same time. And something I may need to try. Damn!


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