Sunday 29 November 2015

Skull Pants

Some days I feel blue so I just pull on my favourite skull pants. 
It makes me feel a bit better.


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Sinful Sunday

I am So annoyed at myself - I lost my tickets for the Peaches gig on Wednesday 2nd at Glasgow Art School - she is my HERO - I found out last night when I was knitting a dick to wear. Please watch this video - she is so amazing! I LOVE her. If by some miracle you have spare tickets to sell (it is SOLD OUT), please give me shout! (I lost my friend's too.) These skull pants will basically be worn everyday for the rest of my bloody life I'm so fed up about it!


  1. You look amazing in these panties.

  2. how can you be blue in those panties, ((hug))

  3. Bad news about the tickets but loving the pants!

  4. Fantastic and sexy picture! Sorry to hear about the tickets

  5. That is a shame about the tickets but I LOVE the Skull Pants!


  6. Nice panties, but great pose!

    Rebel xox

  7. Great pants! I'm sorry to hear about the tickets... of course you'll find them again in a month or two...

    ~Kazi xxx

  8. So sorry about the tickets! I love your pants though and I really hope you intend to take a photo with your completed knit dick sometime in the future!


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