Friday 4 December 2015

The Plan - an erotic short story

Here's a wee story for you - all about fantasies and long term relationships - I guess I was inspired to put this up by reading Malin James' recent post On The Value of Fantasies and also Kilted Wookie's The Fine Line - on what constitutes cheating in a monogamous relationship.

The Plan

“But what would we do with another woman?” I am genuinely confused. “You've only got one cock.”
He smiles and leans towards me picking a tendril of hair from my face and tucking it behind my ear.
“I thought you liked girls.” His voice is soft and melty like warm butter. It's his seductive voice, the voice that has a residual rumble in his vocal chords just a flicker of a second after he stops speaking. There must me a certain vibration that gets me because every time he does that, my clit tingles and I get that welling low in my abdomen. “What about those sexy lesbian fantasies you've told me about? You sliding your long fingers inside a slippery hot pussy.”
His hips are rolling now and he crawls properly close to me – we're on the sofa and his looming presence pushes me backwards while he clambers on top.
“I know but, it just seems so... I don't know.” I mumble, unsure of what I'm trying to say. Actually, I can't really think straight anymore as his head is now dipping into the crook of my neck nuzzling and kissing the tiny hairs at the back of my ear. God, that gets me too, that gets me... He's sucking and licking now, he'll probably raise a love bite, but at this moment, I don't care. In fact I want the feel of him sucking my skin until it pops. His hand is up my blouse now kneading at my tits, thumbing my nipples into hard peaks through my bra.
“Oh yeah baby, seeing your fingers all wet and shining from another woman's juices, oh fuck that would get me hot.”
He's still nuzzling but stops kneading my tits to push three fingers into my mouth, opening my lips and teeth as he rudely forces the digits in and out thrusting like a cock to the back of my throat. I splutter and gag a little but my mouth and cunt are watering at the filthy action and I start sucking and licking, getting his fingers good and wet like his fantasy. He has one thigh jammed in between my legs and I tip my pelvis up and grind, trying to get some relief through my jeans. He responds by ramming his thigh back and forth in time with my mound. Frottage. I think I remember that being the term for what we are doing. It feels so good and sordid somehow as we discuss our plan. Though, talk of the woman diminishes as our own lust for each other takes over.
It always ends like this. We decided a while ago that perhaps it might be exciting to have another person join us for our sexual play. We've been together a very long time so it was a big deal to even broach the subject in the first place. I can't even remember who mentioned it first but we both shyly agreed. We keep getting to the discussion stage then get so hot and bothered by our talk that we end up just fucking each other. Perhaps this is all we need. Perhaps a third party isn't necessary at all.
My cunt is clutching and yearning, aching for some cock action. I want to splay myself apart and be taken, hard. I'm wet, so wet. But it's not from the thought of finger fucking a woman while being taken from behind by my husband, no. I'm crazed with feral need right now because I keep seeing myself between two men. One hard cock pumping into my mouth, the other in my cunt. They ram me in time with each other and from a mirror, I can see their hard intense lustful expressions as they fuck me, worship me with their bodies, hands all over me, cocks inside me while I hang suspended between them as they take their pleasure.
My hands have been all over his back but now I'm reaching down into my own waistband trying to get my fingers into my knickers.
“Hey, hey, what do you think you're doing? That's my job...”
He pulls my hand away and snakes his big body down between my legs, undoing my jeans while I wriggle about dragging off my top. I leave my bra on yanking the cups down and let my tits fall out. They are so sensitive and I grab them between my thumb and forefinger pulling and rolling them hard as he tugs off my pants.
“Oh yes, yes, lick my cunt, that's it, you fucker, ram me with your sexy fucking tongue,” I say, with a growl in my tone that I know he loves. He won't be able to resist taking his cock in his fist at my words.
Talking dirty- another one of our discoveries. I simply don't understand how you can know, or attempt to know, anything about a person unless you've had years with each other. You'd think there was only so many ways that two people could slot together. Andreas surprises me all the time with new things. Like recently, we were making love and he pushed my face right into the carpet so my ass was in the air then he crouched over me, almost like a leapfrog and fucked me so deep and so hard that I had carpet burns on my cheek for a fortnight. It was amazing. He's never done that before.

Now though, by the way his shoulders are moving while he tongues at my crazed clit, I can tell he's playing with himself. I love that. My juices feel like they are pouring from me, dribbling down to my ass, lubricating me everywhere. Another of my fantasies blind me. Two men again, me in between but it's not my mouth and pussy getting ravished this time, no, this time my ass and cunt are being roughly plundered while I hang between them, two cocks sliding past each other between my intimate walls. The musk of two men surrounding me, owning me. I'd love that. The stretching beyond what I thought I could take. Spreading my legs for two men. Making them hard for me.
His fingers are inside me now, pumping hard, drilling at my g spot making my pussy convulse around them. I'm gasping and moaning and writhing and twisting on his digits and tongue. Harder he pushes into me sending me higher and higher into that sweet plane of oblivion. One, two three more thrusts and one long suck on my clit has me at the edge. The spot where I still, and hang in zero gravity before suddenly crashing back to earth as I come on his face and his hands and his tongue and his mouth.
“Fuck yeah, I'm coming, I'm coming,” I say, clamping my thighs around his head. He keeps up the battering on my cunt and I blast wave after wave of orgasm out over him. When I finally release him, I fall back and lie there a twitching spasming mess.
He crawls to his knees between my legs and holds his throbbing erection over me pumping it with his fist. The sinews and muscles of his forearm tense and release as he grips tighter, jerks harder. It is sexy, so sexy to see this sexual abandon, this need to come.  His face goes from a hard lustful grimace to a slack intense stare as an arc of white spurts from his cock and out all over my belly and tits. I gasp out a giggle covering my mouth with my hands. He's never done that before.
He comes to, seeming a little shocked, but with a lopsided grin, he gazes at me.
“Well, there's another thing to check off the list,” he says, smiling but with a bit of an anxious look with it too. Strange how there's still shy undertones that flicker between us.
“I think it's fucking horny,” I say, and am glad when I see his shoulders relax. “Perhaps you could aim a little higher next time...”
“Ah, a pearl necklace,” he says, reaching for a tissue to wipe me down. “You are a naughty girl.”
“Oh come on, you've never fancied doing that before?” I smile. There's always a cautiousness to our explorations, like, even though we were in out twenties when we met, maybe we got together before we were properly grown up or something, and that's why we still hesitate sometimes. Or maybe we just have an uptight vision of what's acceptable during sex.
Anyway – there goes another evening of working on our plan without actually working on it. He falls on to me cuddling me close and gently massages my still exposed breast.
“You're the only gal for me Elsa,” he says, closing his eyes.
I let my head fall back onto the arm of the sofa, feeling myself begin to drift off.

“You're the only guy for me too.” I whisper, but I know that tomorrow, we'll start on our plan again.


  1. Oh, hell. That is so, so incredibly hot. I love how the different fantasies weave in and out of the story while they go at each other, and I love their relationship - that sweet sort of exploration you can only do with someone you know incredibly well. Jesus, you're so good, Ms. Rayne. Seriously! You never fail to fill my head with all kinds of delicious things!
    Malin Xxx

  2. Lovely, Tabitha. Fucking lovely.


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