Sunday 28 April 2013

Sunday Snog - save all your kisses...

Good day to you all!

Yay snog time! Remember to get on back to Blisse Kiss to check out all the other kissing action going on today.

My snog is inspired today by a traumatic event where I lost all last week's writing during a save bungle...

arrrrghhh! However the story doesn't end too badly - through the joy of a Google search and some tips from friends (Kev Blisse) I found out how to retrieve my lost work. Phew! It was indeed a gut wrenching experience. (I'll blog about how I got it back another time - might be useful to some of you...)
So the moral of the tale is - save, save, save! And then... save again.

A Clockwork Butterfly is out now - my exciting news is that the prequel, Taking Flight will be due for release in July (wooo-hoo!)
Here's a Kiss from the third book in the dystopian erotic romance series,
The Meeting Point - this kiss is from a work in progress...
Deborah leaned in to his lips tasting her true love for the first time in eight long years. It was the same exquisite Marcus and her mouth watered for his kiss. It came. Soft at first, then hard and fast, devouring her lips, skimming her teeth with his tongue and tangling up in hers. She met him lick for lick, mouths undulating together with need, sorrow, regret and joy. Deborah couldn’t believe the whirlwind of emotions being explored through this one kiss. This kiss, where souls collide.
She could feel him smiling now as they slowed their pace. Deborah twisted her hips and brought her knees up over his kneeling thighs and straddled him. They broke free for a second to stare into each other’s eyes. He was smiling from within his very being and it shone out over his face. Deborah’s excitement started to bubble as she moved around on him, feeling the heat rising and penetrating her. She could feel another rising too and tipped her pelvis to brush herself against the hardening under his trousers.
“I’ve thought of this moment for so long,” she gasped as he bent to wrap his lips about her shoulders and neck, nibbling and teasing the flesh with his teeth and tongue. Her flesh tingled with extreme sensations that rippled through her body, carving a path straight to her sex...

Mwoah! There you have it - hope you enjoyed x x

Blogger isn't letting me embed links today but if you like the flavour of that kiss, you can find more inside the pages of A Clockwork Butterfly -US


  1. Glad you got your work back :)

    I do love it when a smile touches the eyes, and being straddled and snogged is one of my faves ;)

    1. Thanks Mister Mitnik ;) I'm telling you, I'm not one for bad moods or getting cross, but when that file disappeared... wowza - step away from the laptop!
      Glad you enjoyed the snog x x x

  2. Hi, Tabitha,

    Sexy! Nothing beats a reunion with an old flame.

    And I love the title "A Clockwork Butterfly".

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog Ms Sarai *fangirl moment* - to any readers, you must check Lisabet's work - just fabulous!
      And I agree - a kiss after an absence - oh yes, Yes, YES!
      x x x

  3. I'm *so* glad you recovered your words and thanks for joining in with a snog!

    1. Thanks Victoria <3 I love a snog, me - especially on a Sunday! x x


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