Tuesday 22 October 2013

Tis Done!

Well chaps and chapessess,

I'm just stopping by to exclaim that I finished a manuscript! I just put down the final word on my last book in The Meeting Point trilogy - and it was the word FIN. I always end my books with that one word. I always have - The End just doesn't seem to fit for me. Maybe FIN is pretentious or a bit dramatic, but hey- I'm a writer! It's what I do - pretend and be dramatic *flounce* :D

So now what?

Welllll, don't expect to see this book anytime soon! I have to go through every word and punctuation mark until I'm happy about the grammar, style, pacing, characterisation, mood, tone, continuity, plot line and conclusion. Because it's a trilogy, I'll have to go through the other two books *plug* A Clockwork Butterfly and Taking Flight (on sale now) - to see if I've forgotten about any plot twists or characters that have just simply disappeared from my memory! As if, surely not! But hey, it happens...

So far from reaching from the champers... oh who am I kidding, pass the bubbly! There may be a long way to go, but for now, I'll take the joy and satisfaction that comes from getting it down and out of my brain that ends with the delightfully dramatic and pretentious, FIN.

Thanks for stopping by x x x

PS - shhh, don't tell anyone but the book is called Finding Unity.
Here's a bit about The Meeting Point: It's an erotic trilogy exploring a future where the world is in peril and humans are facing extintion. Don't worry - it is still a world of beauty and passion where everyone delights in the spiritual joy of sexual abandon :D
Here are some pictures of our world which inspires, fulfills and excites me every day...

Growing, not slipping


  1. I love the idea of plants bursting through the Tarmac and nature taking over all our grey, concrete ugliness. (Keeps me going as I commute up and down the motorway.) Congrats on finishing!

    1. Thanks Tilly! Hasn't sunk in yet... and yes - aren't weeds just the BEST! I love a slow creeping urban takeover by them :D


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