Tuesday 15 October 2013

Where have all the nipples gone now?

I've decided to revisit this post from ages ago on the Spicy Authors blog (My Beachwalk pals)

It's been a while since I got any new undies but leading in to autumn always makes me think of lovely new
undergarments... and then I remembered about this post - some things never change...

Choose some nice lingerie - easy task?

No, ladies, it was not.

And I'll tell you why! Remember not so long ago I called for a Visible Panty Line revival?

Well my trip to the underwear shops - both online and real, got my blood boiling... Why, WHY are all bras so padded? I don't understand. Now I am in no way what one would call 'well endowed' - but I have enough to keep me happy and don't feel the need to make them look any bigger - a little push up now and then, ok, I'll give you that, but that's not really why I'm raving on...

My big problem is that while these brassieres may give you a little ooomf, what they take away is far more serious - the nipple!

Surely one of the highlights of the adult world is to catch a peek of a nipple through a tight T-shirt - or blouse? But with these contraptions, a lady would have to be packing rockets on the end of her bosoms to even show a glimpse of her little delights.

So ladies, I'm calling for us to unite - free the nipples from the tyranny of these armoured monsters!

Um, I'm done now... better go see if I can unpick the  padding from that new bra...

Though to be fair to my occasional hypocrisy - I do allow those vintage bras from the 50s that are bullet proof and elevate your breasts to a pointed cone - visible in your own eyeline. Those, I can do ;)

By the way - None of my heroines wear padded bras - in fact my heroines rarely wear bras at all with all that 'love-on-the-run-cavorting-outside' going on!
let me know what you think!

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Thanks for joining me today - I'd be nuthin without ya x x x x

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