Tuesday 31 December 2013

Old Things New Things and why books are ace...

Hello and welcome! Hope you had a wonderfully Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy New Year!

I, of course, ate too much - didn't drink quite enough though... got lots of socks but only one book this year - but never mind - it just means I get to choose my own ;) any recommendations? (Of course, I'll be recommending some to you by the end of this post;)!)

So, some of you may know that I struggle with the concept of promoting my books - but just the other day, I read this blog which was pretty much gave me a kick in the behind - it really got me thinking - what do I do that benefits you, dear reader and why should you part with your precious time and cash to read one of my books? So I thought about it objectively (mainly removing myself and thinking about why I read books, especially saucy ones).

Here are my findings:
  • Reading is one of life's great personal pleasures. (I think I would simply die if I didn't read every night - I certainly wouldn't sleep)
  • Books take you away from it all and help exercise your imagination (and Lord knows, any part of me that is getting exercised is a bonus - especially around this time of year) - so think of reading as part of your health regime ;)
  • Sex is also a requirement (for most people) to enjoy a full rounded experience with themselves or others - well, saucy books combine both! 
  • By reading a saucy book, you may find yourself getting that tingly feeling deep inside which might result in the glorious release of pleasurable endorphines - and who wouldn't want that? ;)
  • By indulging in said results of reading a saucy book with a lover with whom you may be having difficulties - you may find you reconnect on that special level and cast aside the worries of the mundane - at least for a little while... hooray!
  • By buying books you are supporting art - you choose whether you think that is a good thing or not ;) - I couldn't survive in a world without art.Imagine? It's a necessity for survival!
  • By buying books you are facilitating the writing of more books - how awesome is that?!
So there you have it. Why I buy books. If you have any other reasons, please pop them in the comments - I'll choose my fave and send you a short saucy book of mine called Mia's Books - it's a cheeky little paranormal tale - click on the pic or link to read a sample and see whether you fancy it. Let's say, oh, how about we give it a week? And since this time of the year means I have no idea what day or date it is I'll have to check the calendar...
Hey - IT'S HOGMANAY! Oh My GOODNESS! My favourite night of the year and I nearly missed it pondering BOOKS (well, there could be worse reasons!)

SO A HUGE and PROSPEROUS 2014 to you all - with love from Tabitha x x x

PS: I mentioned I would be recommending books didn't I? Well, of course any author really ought to give their own a plug so here's my book list (on this blog) my two novels are worth a shot if you like sexy fantasy with end of the world action :D A Clockwork Butterfly and Taking Flight - the trilogy finale will be out mid 2014.
For an array of fabulous sexy books from rosy romance to the most incredible intelligent filth - you should check out the Brit Babes ;) some super gals I met this year (Kay Jaybee, Lily Harlem, Lucy Felthouse, Kd Grace, Lexie Bay, Emmy Ellis, Victoria Blisse) and you simply can't go wrong with some delicious Justine Elyot or Kristina Lloyd x x x

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