Monday 8 June 2015

All The Ways I Let You Down

Ach, I guess I was in a sombre mood when I wrote this... doesn't go with the prompt pic either! (which is incredibly raunchy) - remember to click on the big purple box to see who else is taking part in Masturbation Monday :D

She lies back and begins to think of all the people she lets down in a day. She starts with you. Your packed lunch she forgot to make. She doesn't usually prepare one for you, but in her head, she imagines heart shaped sandwiches with a love note tucked in by a polished red apple.
This is what she imagines herself doing as she reaches out and presses the snooze button.
By the time you're at the door, she's already failed you in so many ways. The shirt she meant to hang up that you had to iron at the last minute when you found it crumpled on the carpet. The lovely shower she was going to have running ready for you coming through all sleep rumpled and soft edged. You'd had to draw your own, waiting patiently for the hot water to come through.
Or the delicious coffee and croissants she'd wipe from your lips as she leaned in for a goodbye kiss.
She's done none of it.
She's wakened by the door slamming as you leave in hurry to catch the bus.
She's a daily failure.
She stretches a guilt ridden stretch and tries to shake her self-directed torture elsewhere.
It's this time, this gentle morning glow, that's when she feels languid and pliant. Not tough and rigid like she grows throughout the day, coming to its apex as you walk back through the door.
No, it's now where she nestles in the still warm bedding and inhales your scent. Rolls around and coats her pores in your essence.
Now she's relaxed. Now her mind lets go of her guilt and the growing bloom of arousal begins between her legs. Her eyelids flicker closed and her head tilts back as tingling floods her senses. She imagines your hand upon her breast, teasing and rolling her nipple and her touch strays to her chest, playing out the scene from her imagination. It feels good. She trails her fingertips up to the crook of her neck and gives her skin a feathery caress, just the way your lips tease her there. It is an exquisite sensation and sends sparks all the way down to her sex. Her mouth is watering and she lifts her elbow to her teeth licking and nibbling at the tender sensitive flesh, setting her nerves alight with arousal.
She pretends it's you eating her up, leaving saliva trails over her body, scrolling your tongue down to her naval as she quivers beneath your touch. There's a pulse building in her sex now, a yearning, a need, desire, heat...
Her hands dive down between her legs and find the fragrant slippery folds of her cunt. She hears herself groan and imagines it's you as you feast on the sight of her raw exposed pussy, slick with desire.
Her fingers sink easily into herself and she rocks her pelvis trying to get enough pressure to her clit. It's not enough. It's not the same as having your thirteen stone frame thrusting up against her. She rolls onto her front, squashing her breasts into the mattress, humping her fists and wriggling around like a cat, trying to get relief.
The want and heat build further and she thrusts harder, riding her hand, imagining you behind her, fucking her hard, holding her hips fast as you slam your full weight right up inside her greedy sodden cunt.
The image has her panting and she opens her mouth, grinds her teeth into the pillow and grunts as her fingers slip and slide inside her desperate pussy. She's clenching now, clenching around her fingers and the point of no return is close, she can feel the unstoppable rising from deep within. Her jaws clamp shut around her cotton pillowcase and she comes hard, wringing herself out of all her anxiety. Shuddering, she breathes hot and wet into the pillow as she arrives back into herself.
When her body has stilled and cooled she rolls back into your side of the bed and sighs.
Just another way she has let you down.
She remembers last night as you reached for her and she turned away. You gave up quickly, knowing perseverance never wins her over.
She squeezes her eyes shut, balling her fists into the sockets as the chastisement begins again.
How long until her next reprieve?
She never knows.

She hopes tonight, she won't roll away from your reaching fingertips.

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read all the way x x x


  1. Oh, I felt that one. Think I've pretty much been there. A complex little story that has me asking a lot of questions and worrying about the answers. Really well written, T xxx

  2. Agree with Rebecca ..... Been there...

  3. Me too, joining the club. But it goes both ways.

  4. Oh wow. You turned me on, made me sad, and made me think - all at the same time. Excellent post, but I really just want to hug her.

  5. This was very hot and very true. Well done.


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