Wednesday 3 June 2015

What The Butler Saw

Dear Sir

Whilst I accept that the scene you witnessed in your chamber was indeed unacceptable, I feel duty bound to point out some mitigating factors which you may wish to take note of when considering my future at Meikleston Manor.
On the day in question I was passing your chambers when I heard an unusual sound. I knelt to take a peep through your keyhole (as is customary, I might add, for a butler to check his master’s room so as not to unduly disturb him) whereupon I saw the new chambermaid from the city attending to your bedding. Now as you know, we have all had our reservations about this young city girl and her visible petticoats but the tale I am about to tell will prove just how wily her ways are, Sir.
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I was about to leave her to her business when she made a strange sound and fell upon your bed, Sir, her skirts flying up to reveal her undergarments. She looked like she may be in some trouble as she was wriggling around looking rather flushed. I was about to enter your chamber to check upon her wellbeing when she did the most extraordinary thing, Sir. She pulled down her bloomers and exposed her naked rump for all to see! Well, as you can imagine I was so flabbergasted to witness such a sight in the broad daylight on your very bed, that I was stunned into a sort of paralysis as I watched.
Then, to my horror, before my very eyes, she reached underneath herself and pressed her fingers about her sexual parts. Her woman’s bloom became fairly rosy and plump as her slender digits disappeared into that wanton cavern, her face pressed into your linens. I stayed silent for a few more moments just in case there was indeed something wrong with this creature – I am not so familiar with the ways of the fairer sex and thought perhaps she was attending to ladies’ doings.
Well, as she pulled and tugged and thrust her fingers into herself, I had a happening of my own, Sir. I had grown uncomfortable in my kneeling position and had to shift somewhat. The scuffle may have alerted her to my presence as she paused and looked at the door. I cannot be sure but she had a look of wickedness upon her city dweller’s face and withdrew her fingers from herself and changed position, reaching out to your clothes brush as she did.
Sir, I hesitate to say what happened next.
She lay back into your sheets and pulled her skirts up fully and unbuttoned her blouse and stays to reveal her naked chest which heaved with her laden breasts. The light did strike them so and her nipples gleamed in the shaft of afternoon sun.
My britches were growing tight around my nether regions and I shifted again to avoid any sort of cramping.
Her knees fell apart and her womanly space was directly in my line of sight. I’d never seen one so exposed and thought she must be quite ill. The dark curls adorning the ruby red lips had rather an appeal if you like to look at that sort of thing, Sir. I could see the dark pulsing of her entrance and the fluttering of her pouting lips as she drew… and here’s where I hesitate, Sir, she drew the tortoiseshell handle of your clothes brush down between those nether lips and rubbed it around and around, parting herself further. Well, sir, imagine my horror when she took your property and deftly pushed it right up into her succulent quim! I was near beside myself with fury as she thrust it in and out, it glistening and gleaming with those strange and mysterious potions which seep from a lady, Sir...

To be continued...

*Exciting news flash!*
This story came second in Oleander's competition and because of some news to come soon... I'm only giving you a little taster of the story for now...
Look out for announcements soon! x x x

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  1. OH WOW!!! A double delight, way to multitask, soul sister!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!!! Love this!!!

  2. This is a delightful story! I felt like I was the peeping Tom, watching the butler watching the maid :)

    Thanks for joining Wicked Wednesday. So happy to have you and hope you will join in many times more :)

    Rebel xox

  3. Ha, I love the PPS and the good butlering. Perfect :D

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments everyone! I had an absolute hoot writing this one x xx

  5. I have been in stitches reading this. It is so brilliant. I imagined it being read in a very indignant English accent. Excellent!


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