Wednesday 2 September 2015

A Taste For Three with Rebecca Black

So today I have the gorgeous and very talented Rebecca Black here to talk about her debut novel, A Taste For Three - I'm a huge fan of Rebecca's Fiction which is extremely hot! Take it away lovely...

Thanks so much for hosting me today and letting me give my new book A Taste For

Three a big shout out. I love a good menage story, so when I decided to write a book it

was always going to involve three people. I think this story has all the ingredients for a

spicy menage: two sexy chefs, and a restaurateur, all bringing their special talents to the


I aim to write erotic romance with plenty of heart as well as plenty of hot sex. Here's a

little taste just for you...


What's worse than wanting a man she can't have? Wanting his best friend as well, that’s

what. Double the torture, double the sexual frustration, and double the pain in her heart

when she desires everything she can't have.

Chef Ellie Masters has a problem. Not only is she in love with two gorgeous men, but

they both just happen to be her bosses. She’s holding back for all the right reasons, but

is there a way for them to be together or will their powerful sexual attraction tear them


In the sensual world of their French restaurant, Jack Quinn and Nate Johnson must find

a way to level the playing field if they want more than just sumptuous food from their

talented chef. Going to work has never been so sexy. A Taste for Three will leave you

savouring this delicious menage and wanting more.


Her gaze moved from one to the other with an expectant look on her face. Her eyes

rested on Jack when he leaned forward to rest his arms on the table. His beer was

between his big hands and she watched his fingers trace the drops of condensation as

they raced down the bottle.

“Us.” Jack’s hazel eyes locked with hers.

She swallowed. Hard. “Us? What do you mean?”

“The three of us. There’s more going on between us than just work.” His words held a

note of conviction.

Oh God! He said three. He definitely said three. They couldn’t possibly know that she

wanted both of them, could they? How the hell had she given that away? She thought

she’d been so professional with them.

“Stop panicking, Ellie. Nothing we say or do from now on will affect our plans for the

restaurants.” Nate’s calming words helped to some extent, but she still hadn’t taken her

eyes off Jack. He was watching her like he expected her to run at any moment. He

looked like he’d enjoy chasing her down and catching her too.

“I don’t understand…”

“We want you, Ellie. We need to know if you feel the same way.” Jack stated.

“We? What does that mean? I...both of you? But…”

“Yes. We want you. We need to know if you feel the same. Would you be prepared to be

with us both?”

How was she supposed to respond to that? Nothing in her limited experience with men

had prepared her for this conversation. She couldn’t see how anything good—well, apart

from the sex—was going to come from this. How were they supposed to juggle working

together, fucking, and being in a threesome? She wanted to though, so badly. Oh God,

just the thought of having both of them.

But she just couldn’t risk it. What would happen when it was over? How could they

possibly remain friends and work together? She’d be completely alone again if she had

to leave. Her brain felt like it was in danger of a full meltdown. The temptation to run was

strong and before she knew what she was doing, she’d jumped up. Her chair fell back. A

distant part of her brain knew this wasn’t the most dignified way to handle this, but her

fight or flight response was definitely urging her to get the hell out of there and not make

a massive mistake.

She vaguely registered Nate’s shocked expression turning into a fleeting look of

distress, but she didn’t get far before a steely arm grabbed her around her waist,

yanking her off her feet. She was fairly sure she let out a little squeal as she landed on

Jack’s lap.

“What the hell, Ellie?”

“Jack, calm down. She’s obviously freaked out.”

“I get that, but when did running away solve anything? We’re all adults here. If she

doesn’t want this, all she has to do is say no.”

“We’ve gone about this all wrong, come on too strong. She’s scared. God, Ellie, we

never wanted that. We just want to be with you. That’s all we’ve ever wanted.”

Jack’s arm held her firmly around her middle while his other hand rested on her hip.

Her heart was still trying to beat its way out of her chest, but she couldn’t ignore the heat

emanating from his body. The hand on her hip kept gently, rhythmically flexing and

releasing. She started to relax as she quietly listened to their words. She could hear the

anxiety in both their voices and felt a rush of guilt at how she’d reacted. She was such a

naive idiot—but she’d beat herself up for that later. Right now, she needed to make

things right with the two most important men in her life.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly. “I’m an idiot. I shouldn’t have tried to run off like that.”

“Jesus, don’t apologize, Ellie.” Nate reached across the table to take her hand. “It’s ok

that you don’t want this. We’ll carry on and forget we ever mentioned it. Nothing needs

to change—”

“I want it,” she whispered.

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Author Bio:

Rebecca Black is a Yorkshire girl born and bred. She is first and foremost a voracious

reader and an author of erotica and erotic romance. She believes that the hottest sex

scenes are the ones where emotions are involved (plus lots of dirty talk, lots of spanking,

licking and sucking and well… you get the idea). She is the author of A Taste For Three

(m/m/f) from Evernight and has several short stories due to be released in erotic

anthologies and another book due out with Evernight in September '15 Let's Ride (f/f).

Rebecca blogs regularly at Rebecca Black Erotica  and

is a contributor to the fantastic Cliterati  magazine.

Find her at:




You need to go and buy this book - this is one hot author right here! Thanks for being my gues Rebecca and thanks for popping by and taking a read x x x


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