Monday 14 September 2015

Masturbation Monday - Editing

It's Monday!! Masturbation time ;)
I've been busy editing my book for paperback and was going over a chapter when I saw this prompt...

That kayla Lords spoils us! So it's not a new story but it goes with this quite well! :D
(forgive the formatting too...)

Excerpt from The Meeting Point

"What do you think you're doing?"Marcus sprang to his feet and turned to see that the cocky little Mae had sneaked up on him. His fury still hadn't subsided and he could have done without this intrusion.
"Nothing," he snapped, aware of how guilty it made him sound, when he actually wasn't up to anything.
"Take it easy. God, I don't care what you do in your secret little outings."
She really was so self-assured, Marcus could have given her a shake. So bloody opinionated too-she had everyone bending to her will. An image of her holding her ankles with her delightful ass exposed and his cock ramming in and out of it streaked through his imagination. It had come from nowhere and he shook his head to get rid of it. Now his hands were twisted into her hair, pulling her head back to expose her neck as he humped her from behind. Fuck's sake! Again, he tried to banish the thoughts from his mind, but they were just getting worse. Now he was fucking her in the ass, coming on her tits, eating out her pussy, grinding his cock down her throat.
"What's the matter?" she asked, looking quizzically at him as she stepped closer.
God no, stay back, he silently wailed as his cock thickened and rose under his loin cloth.
"Hmm, I see," she said, staring at his stirring without shame.
Did he just imagine her tongue dart out and lick her lips?
"You're dangerous," he managed to say as the image of her tied spread-eagled between two trees with his fingers up inside her soaking cunt blasted in.
"I know." Now she was close. She was so close he could smell her. Smell her lusty want. She took his hand and pulled it down straight to her pussy, forcing her wet self onto his middle finger which slipped in so sweetly. "Mmm, yes, that feels good. I'm so wet right now."
Marcus had no idea what the hell was going on. His emotions, loyalties, and lust were confusing him. Deborah was in despair, he should be with her. But Mae was fucking his hand right here and now, and his cock was so hard. Her juices were oozing into his palm as she rocked, opening up to him. Uncurling his fingers, he slid another two in and she gasped in that throaty way that told him she was almost there already.
Her eyelids fluttered momentarily, then she looked at him in the most divinely wicked way before raising her hand and spitting in her palm. It was probably the crudest thing he'd ever seen and he almost came in disbelief. She reached down to his crotch with her lubricated hand, and he staggered a little as she grasped him under his cloth and milked his cock like a crazed, wild thing as she still rode his hand. The walls of her cunt gushed and quivered in equal measure as he blasted into unity, an orgasming, spasming wreck of a man. Come spurted in all directions as they bucked and oozed together, climaxing out the tension and anger of the day.
When it was over and she clambered off his digits, she giggled. He wiped his hand on the fur cloth that only barely offered any dignity, realizing that it was completely spoiled by his own fluids.
"Why are you laughing?" he asked, feeling weirdly humiliated.
"Because that was awesome." She shook his shoulder. "Didn't you think so?"
He was expecting something else, like she was mocking him or she'd won some sort of victory over him, but when he looked into her flushed, oddly innocent face, he saw she had no agenda. She just liked to fuck. He must have taken too long to answer and she began to look unsure.
"You don't feel guilty or anything weird like that, do you?" Her eyes were wide and almost stricken. "God, I'm not trying to spoil anything, I just... Well, you know, you were here and the urge came over me. God, I'm sorry."
She was getting in a bit of a state and Marcus reached out to her.
"No, no, I really enjoyed it, I was just..." He pursed his lips, unsure of whether to tell a lie or come clean. He decided the latter. "I thought you were laughing because you'd gotten one over on me or something."
She looked hurt.
"Just because I like sex, because I like to communicate sexually, doesn't make me a manipulator. I'm not a bad person because I like to talk with my pussy."
It was Marcus's turn to laugh now. She looked completely confused as he gave a deep guffaw right from his belly.
"Sorry, it's just, you look so sad, but say such outrageous things. It's a very odd paradox."
She smiled.
"Yes, I've always been a little inappropriate at times with my choice of phrasing."
"I like to talk with my pussy?" He raised an eyebrow, and she turned away, embarrassed but smiling.
"Well. What's wrong with that?" Her head was bowed and she looked up through her hair, seeking something. Approval?
"Nothing, nothing's wrong with it, it's just hilarious."

So there you have it! Back to the editing for me... it's a tough job ;) 
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  1. Gotta say I really loved the cheek of Maes' character lol Lovely excerpt ;) xx

  2. I love how bold mae is. I wish I could be like that. Seems like it would be a lot of fun. :)

  3. oooh, i like that Mae, she is sass and a half!!!

  4. Ooooh, that was so fun. I *like* Mae. She's fabulous! I almost want to say poor Marcus, but I can't really ;)

  5. I like her! And I like the fact that she owns her sexuality.


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