Monday 7 December 2015

A Diamond in the Snow

So I had something dark in my mind - something I've pondering for a very long time - but there's two memes today which have completely turned my inspiration to the light side :D
As always, Kayla Lords brings us very hot prompts in Mastrubation Monday and this week Mister Exhibit A is starting a new Christmas themed meme - it's meme galore!

Christmas Erotica prompt

Here's my story...

A Diamond in the Snow

I’ve always felt judged. Even when I was a child – in fact especially when I was a child – and especially at this time of the year. Sunday school would have to be attended every week, where I was told that not to have Jesus in my life meant I was going to Hell when I died. A scary place when imposed on the mind of a child – my imagination so brilliant and vivid meant for many a terror ridden night.
And then there was bloody Santa. I saw a meme shared recently which said, ‘fuck off Santa you fat judgemental cunt’ and I thought, yes, yes, fuck OFF Santa you fat judgemental cunt!  If only I’d been brave enough back then to think that way. But the fear of going to Hell with no fucking Christmas presents is horror indeed to a nine year old.
So now, as you lie over my lap and I’m ruminating on Christmases past, the fire crackling and a mulled wine by my side, I feel good. I feel happy and content that I’m not bad. I never was fucking bad and the anger about it sizzles then ebbs away as I stroke your satiny backside. Before you come over I always rub lotion into my hands and file my nails to make sure they are as smooth as can be for you. Your skin is so precious and soft, it thrills me to know how I’ll soon have it rosy.
Masturbation Monday Prompt
First though, your breathing quickens as I pass you a small present. You take it, still over my knee and excitedly begin to tug apart the ribbons. I love your giggle as your pretty fingers tangle and twist at the paper to reveal a velvet box. It’s me who’s trembling now. A thrill running from the soles of my feet up my legs and thighs where the heat and pressure of you makes my balls yearn. Your bodyweight restricts my bulge which is now straining.
“What is it?” you ask, twisting your head awkwardly to see me and my cock swells even harder at how flushed your face is through the tendrils of hair obscuring it. I reach to your lips, pulling away strands which have stuck to your lipstick. You go to suckle me but I pull away.
“Not yet, my sweet,” I say but, fuck, I want your mouth on me, I do, and not just my fingers. “Open it and see.”

You look at me then turn back and lift the lid.
“Ooo,” you squeal and your buttocks clench together under my right palm. You look up at me with wide eyes and hesitate before passing me the gift. “It’s beautiful,” you whisper and I’m so very pleased that you think so.
It’s a polished steel plug with a jewel in the end.
I pop it in my mouth to heat and lubricate it while my fingers run down between your cheeks dipping in to your now soaking pussy. I push two digits inside and draw out your sensual liquids smearing them up to your ass. The ridge of your tight muscles twitches as I apply pressure and I stare again at your flawless white bottom. I take out the warmed plug and transfer it to my right hand, pressing the tip gently against you.

“Relax my love, you’re going to enjoy this. It’s going to look like a diamond in the snow.”

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  1. you have such a way with words gorgeous, and sensuality...sigh

    1. Thank you lovely - and I'm so enjoying Nichy's story! x x

  2. Replies
    1. I wish I could take credit for that line! It's from the prompt song - it inspired the story x x x

  3. Loved this! Glad I could inspire even a little of it. :)

    1. Are you kidding me? You're prompts have me dribbling inspiration all over the floor every Monday! :D x x


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