Wednesday 26 June 2013

Kay Jaybee & Kd Grace are at my Party!

Welcome to the Butterfly Party - celebrating a year of my erotic fantasy novel, A Clockwork Butterfly! (remember to read to the bottom or check links to your right for giveaways and offers)  
Today's amazing guests are the spectacular Kay Jaybee and Kd Grace - I'm so excited to hear their news I'm handing over right now!
"It's Our Party And We'll Laugh -A-Lot If We Want To!!"
Hi everyone, Kay Jaybee here, kicking off this joint party blog!!
Firstly- a huge thanks to the gorgeous Tabitha for inviting us to her party today! It is certainly party time for Kd Grace and myself at the moment! We have just returned from the annual ETO Awards (Erotic Trade), where we were both honoured to be nominated for Best Erotica Writer 2013!!!
It's an unbelievable honour to be nominated for such an award- but as Kd and myself are such good friends, and support each other all the way, it was dead weird to be up against each other! Especially as our erotica is so different from each other's!
Up against EL James and Sylvia Day (who you might just have heard of!!), and the brilliant Rachel Krammer Bussel (Cleis Press), we went into the show with a certainty we wouldn't win, but a determination to laugh and laugh and laugh- and boy did we!!
With the ETO Show in the afternoon, Kd and I joined the wonderful Hazel Cushion, head girl at Xcite Books, to sign copies of our books, and chat to our fellow writers, nominees, and fans (yes- we actually have fans- I’ll never get used to that!!). Then, with new dresses in place, stupidly high heels on our feet, and a glass of vino in hand, we were escorted by our wonderful partners to the party itself.
And wow- our determination to laugh the evening away really took no effort at all!! How could it not when awards were being handed out for best lube and best dildo?? Let's face it- this is some amazing world we're part of!!!....
So- who won the best author award then...over to you KD!!!

AND THE WINNERS ARE … Kay Jaybee and K D Grace!

Oh, someone named E.L. James nabbed the ETO award for best erotic author, it’s true, but Kay Jaybee and I were the real winners in so many ways. First of all, we had the fantastic experience of meeting fans we didn’t know about at the ETO trade show and of making new connections and new friends while seeing all kinds of innovative new sex toys, lingerie, games and other totally cool stuff. Secondly we won because so many of our dear friends won, friends who’ve helped promote us and shared our work. Sh! Women’s Store, Lovehoney, Nice ‘n’ Naughty, Cara Sutra, and our very own Xcite Books were among the winners. How could we not catch the celebratory mood?

After the awards banquet, we won even more with the chance to connect with old friends and make new friends; with the chance to talk writing and plan and scheme new stories with Xcite’s MD, Hazel Cushion; with the chance to find out the latest from Lovehoney – including how popular our novels are with their customers. We won by having our lovely blokes there to celebrate with us. And we won just because we were THERE at ETO, admiring the gowns and PVC finery, drinking fizz and celebrating all things erotic with all the other lovely folks doing the same. When we finally toddled off to bed in the wee hours, we especially knew that we’d won from all the fantastic love and support we received from our dear friends and fabulously talented fellow smutter’s and Brit Babes and all others back home.
I mean we really, really won! Thanks everyone! We love what we do and we love sharing it, and the ETO awards banquet was just one more chance to celebrate what we love! Oh yes! We most definitely won!

We both wish Tabitha’s fabulous novel, A Clockwork Butterfly, a very, very happy first birthday!
Kay and KD xxx
Just let me fangirl a little... phew and swoon! Thank you for coming on over ladies - sounded like SO much fun at the ETO - huge congratulations to you and Xcite :)

As it is a celebration why not take advantage of these:
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Remember to join me again tomorrow when my sexy guest will be the awesome Justine Elyot! x x x


  1. Happy Birthday, A Clockwork Butterfly!!!

    And thanks so much for having us over, Tabitha1 It's always a pleasure to be on yours!

    1. Thank you! What a weekend you've had - HUGE big congratulations to you both for your well deserved nominations x x x x


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