Sunday 30 June 2013

The End - Ta-dah!

 Well chaps and chappesses,

Thank you SO much for joining me on the very last day of my Butterfly Party - I've had a whole fortnight of guests and fun to help me celebrate a year of my erotic novel, A Clockwork Butterfly.
If you hurry on over to Goodreads, you might still be in with a chance of taking part in my signed paperback giveaway. And I'm sure due to the time delay, Beachwalk Press will still be offering 50% off the ebook - checkout code: ButterflyParty...

I've had a blast!

So the other news is that I will be launching the prequel of A Clockwork Butterfly in August - it's called Taking Flight and is set in the same dystopian world following the story of The Wasp. The Wasp is a dominatrix in A Clockwork Butterfly and this new book delves into her history and the events which turned her life upside down.
It's another sexy, raunchy fantasy with impending end of the world doom mingled with hot raw romance and devastating heartache - what more could you wish for? ;)

Here's a taster...
Twigs and branches ripped and tore at their faces, hair and clothing as they just kept running together to who knew where. It was as if the terror and adrenalin had given them new speed and stamina and they kept going until Marcus tripped and fell on a root in a small clearing. Deborah fell after him and he caught her in a strong embrace. His heart battered through his layers of clothing and his body was shaking. At first Deborah thought he was crying and began to comfort him but he released her and lay back open armed on the forest floor, laughing.
“We made it!” he panted clutching at his chest. Deborah knelt up and tried to catch her breath as her shoulders heaved and her lungs burned. Euphoria began to surge as the adrenalin subsided and she let her head fall back, staring up into the canopy of trees just visible in silhouette against the dark sky above. Kneeling there in the damp undergrowth a new vigour and excitement for life bubbled in the pit of her abdomen. Lifting her hand, she stroked her cheek where Marcus had struck her. It was still warm and she smiled as he eased himself up beside her. He lurched towards her and kissed with a ferocious hunger that she hadn’t witnessed before. It was a feral passion and she responded instantly, devouring him back, eating him alive with searing kisses. He roughly pulled her layers of clothing apart, hands raking her body, greedy with lust. She tore at his, grabbing the button of his jeans and was amazed at the strength of his hard-on beneath the thick denim. He was so rigid there was barely space in his crotch to pull down his zipper. Her clothes were open and her breasts exposed to the night and he staggered to standing pulling her up as he went while she still battled to release him. At last she managed to free his thick shaft from his jeans and out into her hands. He pushed her fingers away and grabbed at her behind lifting her easily with new strength. She’d only managed to pull on a woollen skirt and he yanked it up over her hips as he carried her towards the trunk of the closest tree. He slammed her against it, kissing her mouth, chin, jaw, neck then breasts suckling her, nibbling her, taking great mouthfuls of flesh and biting into her. Every hair on her body stood to attention with the arousal and fear that he was going to eat her alive. Her mouth watered for him too and she tried to prise his face back up to hers for a taste of his delicious mouth. 

I hope that tickled your fancy for more :D
Well, I'm swapping the Babycham for a brandy and slipping into something a little more comfortable - a lady should always know when to leave a party...
It just remains for me to thank my glorious guests, Ella Jade, Victoria Blisse, Ashlynn Monroe, Lucy Felthouse, Emily Wood, Lily Harlem, Stephanie Beck, Tara Mills, Lexie Bay, Kay Jaybee, Kd Grace, Justine Elyot, Kaylie Newell, Natalie Dae and my super lovely publisher - Beachwalk Press

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