Thursday 30 January 2014

Books and Art!

Hey there lovelies...

I totally negelected to tell you about this book - Writing Erotic Fiction by Judith Watts and Mirren Baxter - 
It's a How to book - and guess what - they asked li'l ole me to contribute...

Basically my 'expertise' is write because there's nothing else you could be doing and if you want to write erotica - it must turn you on - big time. It is much more eloquently put of course, and there is some other fantastic advice from folks in the business and some of my darling Brit Babe ladies.

Check it out if you are thinking of writing hot saucy stories that people are compelled to read.

Take a look here

I have more to add to this post but I must dash for now - pop back later for some news of new stories won't you?

x x x

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