Monday 30 June 2014

Obstacles, why?

Today I want to talk to y'all about obstacles, and why *we deliberately put them in our way (*by 'we', I of course mean, I)...

In my daily life, I think I am quite capable, for example, if I want a new path in my garden I will simply make one - I can mix cement, do plumbing, plastering, all sorts of things like that. I usually run places, or at least trot - I find walking soooo slow. I rush about all over the place trying to fit in as much as I possibly can into the day, the fear of 'time running out' all around me - all the time.

But then, I have another side to me that loves to be restrained, helpless and hobbled. I have a wardrobe dedicated to the kind of glamour that keeps you slightly useless. Heels that you can't walk in, skirts that awkwardly bind legs together, corsets that restrict breathing and eating, fake nails that render fingers useless, stockings that make going to the ladies' room a bit of an ordeal...

It was the wonderful Vida Bailey who made me address this side of myself when we met at Eroticon in March. While I hobbled and teetered on my heels beside her, she elegant and capable in her comfy flats, she asked: "Why would you do that to yourself? I just don't understand it."

Well, since then, I've thought long and hard, and while there will be more to it than this, I reckon, it's all about being forced to slow down. Forced to accept help (why yes, kind sir, you may take my bags...) - forced to relinquish some control.

Anyway - anyone else do this?

But don't worry - as soon as I'm barefoot and in the grass, I stretch out my free legs and run and run and run. Care to join me Ms Bailey?


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