Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Where do you get the time?!

As a writer I am amazed at how quickly time flies! I sit down to write, check emails, update blogs, Facebook, Twitter, then it's time to edit a proposal, submit, edit, submit, fret over said submission, research, keep up to date with other blogs, Facebook, Twitter, forums, my God! When I see how much other people get up to I am amazed! Where do you find the time to be so cyber active??? Sometimes I have to dig myself a little hole and shut myself off to finish a story or chapter. Then, I can reward myself with a little check up to see what you are all up to. It's fascinating to be able to get instant insights into other people's worlds.
For now though, I can feel a story nagging at me, insisting on some attention. If I am gone for a while, you'll know why...

Monday, 15 November 2010


Hooray! I've just signed my contract with Xcite books for my story Retail Seduction! It is an erotic tale of changing room fun with a velvet scarf. It should be ready in February next year. I'm so Xcited! x x x

Monday, 8 November 2010

Absorbing and Being Absorbed

Well, another lovely day writing about my new best friend, Mia and her erotic books and ghost lovers. It is incredible how real the characters you create as a writer become and how much you care for them. I really feel for Mia and her struggle with coming to terms with the fact that the best sex she has ever had is with a ghost! It is also strange not knowing quite what will happen to the characters as the story unfolds, even though you as the author are the master of their destinies...