Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy Hogmanay!

I honestly can't believe it's been a whole year since I wrote the words, Happy Hogmanay!
Forgive me if I have a bit of a 'swim in lake me' but 2015 has been a pretty bonkers year.
I'll try to keep this brief as I can and mention as many folks as I can. PLEASE forgive any errors, omissions or bad grammar - I have appear to have mislaid some days over the festive season and have had to rush this a little. :D

1 - The sex toy, Ruby Glow (pleasure for the seated lady), that I designed became an actual thing! It is made by Rocks Off and launched at Erofame this October in Hannover - I was so pleased when Cara Sutra sent me some photos she'd taken.

I've had a few interviews about it in magazines including The Erotic Trade Only mag. Ian, Sue, Lesley and all the folks at Rocks Off have been amazing and this toy would not have existed at all had it not been for my wonderful Brit Babes who helped me with testing and refining the prototypes. Read my blog, So I Invented a Sex Toy here.
2 - I went to the ETO show and Award Ceremony where I had the privilege, along with Brit Babes, KD Grace, Lexie Bay and Lily Harlem of accepting Erotica Writer of the Year 2015 Award on behalf of the delicious winner, Kay Jaybee who was too poorly to attend (thankfully on the mend!) we missed Kay but did have a lot of fun living it up on the dancefloor with the gals and Renee from Sh-Womenstore and Melissa from Voluptasse!
3 - I won second prize in Oleander Plume's Prompted Story Competition - click for a snippet of my story, What The Butler Saw - mighty team Oleander and Ms F Dot Solomon are making all the entries into an anthology - so watch this space.

4 - I only went and won the fucking Euphoff!! The Euphoff is a celebration of very bad and euphemistic erotica hosted by Jane from Behind The Chintz Curtain. I'm so very proud to have that title - here's my story, A Visit to the Mechanic. Please do click through to the other stories, they are utterly hysterical!

5 - Brit Babes anthology, Sexy Just Got Rich was released and hit the Amazon charts!

6 -  My entire trilogy was released in Paperback - more here: A Clockwork Butterfly Trilogy

7 - My Sinful Sunday pic, The Experiment was chosen as one of F Dot Leonora's top 5!

8 - I made it onto Kilted Wookie's Naught List!!

There's lots more but like I said, I've lost a few days and I need to go prepare for Hogmanay!
I've met so many amazing new friends this year - had the delight of making penpals with real letters and enjoyed some thoroughly ripsnorting joy throughout! I've danced with new people and made art with others.

I've enjoyed the full circle of life and lost two very close people, one through Parkinsons and one tragically young through suicide. And even though this post is all about *me* I would like to dedicate it to those two men. Having death close by and physically losing people you love reminds me to work harder, love deeper and enthuse higher.

Love to you all - if you've got this far, bloody hell, you are awesome :D

Happy Hogmanay and wishing you so much love, joy, creativity and success in 2016! May this be your year to shine!

Love Tabitha x x x

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

OUT NOW! Brit Boys: With Toys

Can you believe it? I have an actual story coming out in this fab anthology! It's been so long since I've  had a book launch I *might* have forgotten how to party... ;) 
OUT NOW! Heat up your eReader for Christmas because Boy! This is one HAWT anthology :D

OUT NOW, Brit Boys: With Toys, a collection of 8 M/M novellas written by 8 top British M/M authors. This smokin’ hot box set is initially available at the bargain price of 99c/99p, that’s a steal for 422 pages of unforgettable M/M erotic romance that will leave your eReader, and you, burning up. Order today!

With stories by

Ashe Barker
MK Elliott
Lucy Felthouse
KD Grace
Lily Harlem
Ashley Lister
Sarah Masters
Tabitha Rayne

Back Cover Information

From coast to coast and city to country Brit boys enjoy playing with each other and their toys. Not any old toys, though; guitars, rope, plugs and Moleskine journals all prove to be enormous fun. Throw in a shop that’s wall to wall with kinky ideas, a journalist on the lookout for the next big thing, and Dominants who insist on obedience and there’s sure to be something to cater for everyone’s taste.

Whether it’s a quickie or a slow indulgence, Brit boys know how to hit the spot and they aim to please every time. So take a ride, fly high, come enjoy these sexy boys and their toys.

Brit Boys: With Toys is an anthology of M/M stories written by British authors, featuring British characters in British locations.

Available for pre-order now on Amazon.

If you missed the first anthology, Brit Boys: On Boys, then make sure you check it out as you wait! Available from Amazon and all other good ebook retailers.

Brit Boys: With Toys

Hard Riders
By Ashe Barker

If there’s one thing Liam loves more than a scorching hot lust-on-wheels superbike, it’s the gorgeous sexy guy who owns such a dream machine. When Jackson finds him all but drooling over his tyres and offers him a ride Liam takes no persuading at all. Soon they discover that their mutual fascination with boys’ toys is not limited to the two-wheeled variety, so it’s just as well that Jackson owns his own sex shop and Liam’s job leaves plenty of scope for dressing up.

But real life is much more than just a few kinky games, and has an unfortunate habit of getting in the way.

All Roped Up
By M K Elliott

When Alex Fraser interviews Conner ‘Big-Mac’ McCaughey, the champion of London’s bare-knuckle boxing scene, he has more than just the fighter in his sights. Hoping to expose the fight club’s illegal dealings, Alex will stop at nothing to get the story, including doing whatever Conner asks.

The moment Conner sees Alex Fraser, all he can think about is what the young reporter will look like bound. Shibari—the ancient art of rope bondage—is the fighter’s passion, and he can’t think of anyone else he’d like to practise on more.

But Alex’s quest to expose the truth could land them both in serious danger...

Doctor’s Orders
By Lucy Felthouse

Hospital porter Aaron Miller isn’t expecting a very exciting birthday. He and his doctor boyfriend, Blake Colville, are working opposite shifts, leaving Aaron to go home to an empty house and the prospect of another shift the following day. Just as he’s leaving work, however, an unexpected sexy encounter in a supply cupboard leaves him feeling in a much more celebratory mood. And an impending dirty weekend away with Blake just puts the icing on the non-existent cake. But who needs cake when you’re dating a dominant doctor?

Toys for Boys
By K D Grace

Alpha Nerd, Will Charles teams up with Caridoc ‘Doc’ Jones in a coast to coast walk across England reviewing outdoor gift suggestions for the Christmas edition of Toys for Boys—an online magazine dedicated to the latest gadgets to tickle a man’s fancy. Will is recording their adventures with the latest smart phone technology. Doc is reviewing the latest outdoor gear. The two quickly discover the great outdoors provides even better toys for boys, toys best shared al fresco, toys that, in spite of Will’s great camera work, will never be reviewed in Toys for Boys.

Mile High Kink Club
By Lily Harlem

Rhodri’s looking for love, but not ordinary love. He needs a man who’ll bend to his will, submit to his desires and obey his every command–including chastity.

So when Gay Hook Ups finds his perfect partner it’s well worth a trip to London. What he doesn’t bet on is his fragile-looking match being a sharp and successful entrepreneur. So when things between them soar, will he unlock the passion, free his desire and will they reach the dizzying heights of ecstasy together? It all depends on whether Darius is prepared to be caged in order to be set free.

Open Mike
By Ashley Lister

Ken finds Mike reading poetry in a bar. Mike is confident and clever and seems capable of teaching Ken everything he needs to know about poetry. And, when Ken asks for his guidance, Mike gladly offers to share his expertise. Consequently, when Mike offers to share more than his expertise in poetry, Ken discovers there are a lot more things he wants to learn from him.

I Get You
By Sarah Masters

Morton is Warren’s boss, and they fancy each other like crazy. Except neither of them has the courage to say so, until Warren blurts out an inkling of his feelings. Morton is stunned by Warren’s offer for them to go away together, but not half as stunned as Warren when Morton accepts. Both of them are pretending to be someone they’re not. And both of them soon realise that being yourself is the best bet.

The Guitar
By Tabitha Rayne

When shy, awkward Kel plays guitar, it’s the only time he feels at home in his own skin. On stage he can hide in plain sight behind his band and the music. It turns him on to play and he can’t help rubbing up against his guitar. Kel is enraptured by a guy he sees every night in the audience and is shocked when this gorgeous guy seems to notice him. So full of his own self-loathing, Kel just can’t accept that someone as perfect as Damien wants to be with him. Will his insecurities put their happiness in jeopardy?

I sneakily popped up a couple of excerpts on my blog - read them here -

Heat up your eReader this Christmas!!
oh - and pop back to help me party...
x x x

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Whose Jizz is This?

Sinful Sunday

Whose Jizz is This?
So this week my Sinful Sunday is all about that unrequited love of a celebrity - or someone you admire - especially the work they do,or art they create... I'm mooning like a teen when I used to weep in that devastated heart-broken way over my Ralph Macchio and Madonna posters.
This picture is a tribute to Peaches - a rock goddess and creative genius. I've seen her every time she's toured in Scotland and thanks to a little help from Oleander Plume, I went to see her this month in Glasgow. She's astounding.
Buy her new album Rub and be amazed.

Here's a taster

Click on those lips for more Sunday Sinners x x

Sinful Sunday

Monday, 7 December 2015

A Diamond in the Snow

So I had something dark in my mind - something I've pondering for a very long time - but there's two memes today which have completely turned my inspiration to the light side :D
As always, Kayla Lords brings us very hot prompts in Mastrubation Monday and this week Mister Exhibit A is starting a new Christmas themed meme - it's meme galore!

Christmas Erotica prompt

Here's my story...

A Diamond in the Snow

I’ve always felt judged. Even when I was a child – in fact especially when I was a child – and especially at this time of the year. Sunday school would have to be attended every week, where I was told that not to have Jesus in my life meant I was going to Hell when I died. A scary place when imposed on the mind of a child – my imagination so brilliant and vivid meant for many a terror ridden night.
And then there was bloody Santa. I saw a meme shared recently which said, ‘fuck off Santa you fat judgemental cunt’ and I thought, yes, yes, fuck OFF Santa you fat judgemental cunt!  If only I’d been brave enough back then to think that way. But the fear of going to Hell with no fucking Christmas presents is horror indeed to a nine year old.
So now, as you lie over my lap and I’m ruminating on Christmases past, the fire crackling and a mulled wine by my side, I feel good. I feel happy and content that I’m not bad. I never was fucking bad and the anger about it sizzles then ebbs away as I stroke your satiny backside. Before you come over I always rub lotion into my hands and file my nails to make sure they are as smooth as can be for you. Your skin is so precious and soft, it thrills me to know how I’ll soon have it rosy.
Masturbation Monday Prompt
First though, your breathing quickens as I pass you a small present. You take it, still over my knee and excitedly begin to tug apart the ribbons. I love your giggle as your pretty fingers tangle and twist at the paper to reveal a velvet box. It’s me who’s trembling now. A thrill running from the soles of my feet up my legs and thighs where the heat and pressure of you makes my balls yearn. Your bodyweight restricts my bulge which is now straining.
“What is it?” you ask, twisting your head awkwardly to see me and my cock swells even harder at how flushed your face is through the tendrils of hair obscuring it. I reach to your lips, pulling away strands which have stuck to your lipstick. You go to suckle me but I pull away.
“Not yet, my sweet,” I say but, fuck, I want your mouth on me, I do, and not just my fingers. “Open it and see.”

You look at me then turn back and lift the lid.
“Ooo,” you squeal and your buttocks clench together under my right palm. You look up at me with wide eyes and hesitate before passing me the gift. “It’s beautiful,” you whisper and I’m so very pleased that you think so.
It’s a polished steel plug with a jewel in the end.
I pop it in my mouth to heat and lubricate it while my fingers run down between your cheeks dipping in to your now soaking pussy. I push two digits inside and draw out your sensual liquids smearing them up to your ass. The ridge of your tight muscles twitches as I apply pressure and I stare again at your flawless white bottom. I take out the warmed plug and transfer it to my right hand, pressing the tip gently against you.

“Relax my love, you’re going to enjoy this. It’s going to look like a diamond in the snow.”

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And HERE for more Exhibit A shenanigans

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Chesty Festivities

Hello! It's Sinful Sunday and the prompt this month is 'festive' - hooray!
Well, I have a little festive chesty cough so here's my contribution
 with a little help from a very handsome gentleman...



Click on those lips for more saucy Sunday Sinners...

Sinful Sunday

Friday, 4 December 2015

The Plan - an erotic short story

Here's a wee story for you - all about fantasies and long term relationships - I guess I was inspired to put this up by reading Malin James' recent post On The Value of Fantasies and also Kilted Wookie's The Fine Line - on what constitutes cheating in a monogamous relationship.

The Plan

“But what would we do with another woman?” I am genuinely confused. “You've only got one cock.”
He smiles and leans towards me picking a tendril of hair from my face and tucking it behind my ear.
“I thought you liked girls.” His voice is soft and melty like warm butter. It's his seductive voice, the voice that has a residual rumble in his vocal chords just a flicker of a second after he stops speaking. There must me a certain vibration that gets me because every time he does that, my clit tingles and I get that welling low in my abdomen. “What about those sexy lesbian fantasies you've told me about? You sliding your long fingers inside a slippery hot pussy.”
His hips are rolling now and he crawls properly close to me – we're on the sofa and his looming presence pushes me backwards while he clambers on top.
“I know but, it just seems so... I don't know.” I mumble, unsure of what I'm trying to say. Actually, I can't really think straight anymore as his head is now dipping into the crook of my neck nuzzling and kissing the tiny hairs at the back of my ear. God, that gets me too, that gets me... He's sucking and licking now, he'll probably raise a love bite, but at this moment, I don't care. In fact I want the feel of him sucking my skin until it pops. His hand is up my blouse now kneading at my tits, thumbing my nipples into hard peaks through my bra.
“Oh yeah baby, seeing your fingers all wet and shining from another woman's juices, oh fuck that would get me hot.”
He's still nuzzling but stops kneading my tits to push three fingers into my mouth, opening my lips and teeth as he rudely forces the digits in and out thrusting like a cock to the back of my throat. I splutter and gag a little but my mouth and cunt are watering at the filthy action and I start sucking and licking, getting his fingers good and wet like his fantasy. He has one thigh jammed in between my legs and I tip my pelvis up and grind, trying to get some relief through my jeans. He responds by ramming his thigh back and forth in time with my mound. Frottage. I think I remember that being the term for what we are doing. It feels so good and sordid somehow as we discuss our plan. Though, talk of the woman diminishes as our own lust for each other takes over.
It always ends like this. We decided a while ago that perhaps it might be exciting to have another person join us for our sexual play. We've been together a very long time so it was a big deal to even broach the subject in the first place. I can't even remember who mentioned it first but we both shyly agreed. We keep getting to the discussion stage then get so hot and bothered by our talk that we end up just fucking each other. Perhaps this is all we need. Perhaps a third party isn't necessary at all.
My cunt is clutching and yearning, aching for some cock action. I want to splay myself apart and be taken, hard. I'm wet, so wet. But it's not from the thought of finger fucking a woman while being taken from behind by my husband, no. I'm crazed with feral need right now because I keep seeing myself between two men. One hard cock pumping into my mouth, the other in my cunt. They ram me in time with each other and from a mirror, I can see their hard intense lustful expressions as they fuck me, worship me with their bodies, hands all over me, cocks inside me while I hang suspended between them as they take their pleasure.
My hands have been all over his back but now I'm reaching down into my own waistband trying to get my fingers into my knickers.
“Hey, hey, what do you think you're doing? That's my job...”
He pulls my hand away and snakes his big body down between my legs, undoing my jeans while I wriggle about dragging off my top. I leave my bra on yanking the cups down and let my tits fall out. They are so sensitive and I grab them between my thumb and forefinger pulling and rolling them hard as he tugs off my pants.
“Oh yes, yes, lick my cunt, that's it, you fucker, ram me with your sexy fucking tongue,” I say, with a growl in my tone that I know he loves. He won't be able to resist taking his cock in his fist at my words.
Talking dirty- another one of our discoveries. I simply don't understand how you can know, or attempt to know, anything about a person unless you've had years with each other. You'd think there was only so many ways that two people could slot together. Andreas surprises me all the time with new things. Like recently, we were making love and he pushed my face right into the carpet so my ass was in the air then he crouched over me, almost like a leapfrog and fucked me so deep and so hard that I had carpet burns on my cheek for a fortnight. It was amazing. He's never done that before.

Now though, by the way his shoulders are moving while he tongues at my crazed clit, I can tell he's playing with himself. I love that. My juices feel like they are pouring from me, dribbling down to my ass, lubricating me everywhere. Another of my fantasies blind me. Two men again, me in between but it's not my mouth and pussy getting ravished this time, no, this time my ass and cunt are being roughly plundered while I hang between them, two cocks sliding past each other between my intimate walls. The musk of two men surrounding me, owning me. I'd love that. The stretching beyond what I thought I could take. Spreading my legs for two men. Making them hard for me.
His fingers are inside me now, pumping hard, drilling at my g spot making my pussy convulse around them. I'm gasping and moaning and writhing and twisting on his digits and tongue. Harder he pushes into me sending me higher and higher into that sweet plane of oblivion. One, two three more thrusts and one long suck on my clit has me at the edge. The spot where I still, and hang in zero gravity before suddenly crashing back to earth as I come on his face and his hands and his tongue and his mouth.
“Fuck yeah, I'm coming, I'm coming,” I say, clamping my thighs around his head. He keeps up the battering on my cunt and I blast wave after wave of orgasm out over him. When I finally release him, I fall back and lie there a twitching spasming mess.
He crawls to his knees between my legs and holds his throbbing erection over me pumping it with his fist. The sinews and muscles of his forearm tense and release as he grips tighter, jerks harder. It is sexy, so sexy to see this sexual abandon, this need to come.  His face goes from a hard lustful grimace to a slack intense stare as an arc of white spurts from his cock and out all over my belly and tits. I gasp out a giggle covering my mouth with my hands. He's never done that before.
He comes to, seeming a little shocked, but with a lopsided grin, he gazes at me.
“Well, there's another thing to check off the list,” he says, smiling but with a bit of an anxious look with it too. Strange how there's still shy undertones that flicker between us.
“I think it's fucking horny,” I say, and am glad when I see his shoulders relax. “Perhaps you could aim a little higher next time...”
“Ah, a pearl necklace,” he says, reaching for a tissue to wipe me down. “You are a naughty girl.”
“Oh come on, you've never fancied doing that before?” I smile. There's always a cautiousness to our explorations, like, even though we were in out twenties when we met, maybe we got together before we were properly grown up or something, and that's why we still hesitate sometimes. Or maybe we just have an uptight vision of what's acceptable during sex.
Anyway – there goes another evening of working on our plan without actually working on it. He falls on to me cuddling me close and gently massages my still exposed breast.
“You're the only gal for me Elsa,” he says, closing his eyes.
I let my head fall back onto the arm of the sofa, feeling myself begin to drift off.

“You're the only guy for me too.” I whisper, but I know that tomorrow, we'll start on our plan again.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Skull Pants

Some days I feel blue so I just pull on my favourite skull pants. 
It makes me feel a bit better.


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Sinful Sunday

I am So annoyed at myself - I lost my tickets for the Peaches gig on Wednesday 2nd at Glasgow Art School - she is my HERO - I found out last night when I was knitting a dick to wear. Please watch this video - she is so amazing! I LOVE her. If by some miracle you have spare tickets to sell (it is SOLD OUT), please give me shout! (I lost my friend's too.) These skull pants will basically be worn everyday for the rest of my bloody life I'm so fed up about it!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Tabitha's Black Friday Erotic Extravaganza!

Well hello!
Love it or hate it, Black Friday is bringing you some erotic bargains today!
Grab a selection of my ebooks at a 25% discount at All Romance Ebooks!

I'm SO excited about this one Rocks Off are taking 50% of EVERYTHING on their site today! Including my new Ruby Glow sex toy and orgasm maker
Let me say that again - FIFTY PERCENT OFF EVERYTHING! And - if you spend £40 you get a free Bunny Toy bullet... quick now - go!

This is your chance to try my new sex toy Ruby Glow - pleasure for the seated lady for less than £20! Comes with a free Brit Babes ebook and orgasms! Read my full 'so I invented a sex toy' chat about it HERE and buy it HALF PRICE today, Black Friday only HERE!

So enjoy! Have fun! Buy from the safety of your home and wait for the pleasure to come!
Lots of love Tabitha x x x

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Food, Sex and Body Image

Food, Sex and Body Image - One of the Events That Helped Me Get Over an Eating Disorder

I can’t believe the prompt is food and sex! Wicked Wednesday always seems to tie with things I’ve been ruminating on…

*Trigger warning – in this post I discuss body dysmorphia, eating disorder and vagina size.

Ok, so I don’t share much about my inner demons here – this blog is my happy place so I usually pour all that into my stories and leave this about the giggles of life. But today, it felt right to share this story…
I suffered for many years with a skewed vision of myself. My growing up years where my body became a woman’s coincided with the fashion to look emaciated – remember ‘heroin chic’? So for a person who already felt ungainly, it was hard. I developed various eating problems and try as I might, never got terribly skinny.
One day, I went to the sexual health nurse to get fitted for a diaphragm. In case you don’t know, they are rubber Frisbees which you cover with spermicide and insert into your vagina before sex as a method of contraception. The nurse had laid out several of these little beauties ranging from, well, let’s face it, bigger than what I thought should fit, to what the hell is that?  Before I’d even taken my pants off, she looked me up and down and selected one of these flexible passion killers from the larger end of the scale. What? I’m tall, but I wasn’t a big lass (not from all that exercise and ‘dieting’).
“Um,” I giggled breathlessly, “Are you sure you want to try that size first?” I was horrified. My mother told me when I was a girl all about how to look after my pelvic floor muscles – telling me,  not only will it help during those delicate moments on a trampoline, but will also give me and my husband-to-be a very wonderful sex life. I took her lessons very seriously from then on. I felt sure nothing of that size would comfortably fit up there.
And here’s where my body image got even more confused and insecure.
“Oh no, we might actually need bigger. You see, slim ladies carry less weight all over their bodies, including the inside of their vaginas.”
“You mean, if you lose weight, fat disappears on the inside too?”
“Of course,” she said, snapping the wrists of her rubber gloves and bade me lie back. 

I jammed my legs shut, visions of gentlemen caller’s voices echoing for days inside my cavernous chuff. All the pelvic floor exercise in the world doesn’t prepare you for that thought.
“But, I’m not that slim, try a smaller one.” I was panicking. More images of sausages being thrown up a close bombarded me and I wanted to run away.
“Well, the problem is, if the diaphragm isn’t big enough, the penis might hook up on the inside of the cap and sperm might get in to the cervix.”
But, from what my brain was imagining, the penis would not even hit the sides, let alone make it all the way up to my bloody cervix.
In the end, it wasn’t too bad and she did her best to reassure me. The fact that she had to push pretty hard to get this thing inserted went a little way to calming me down.
So even a visit to the gynaecologist had me confused about food.
There was only one thing for it. I needed to sort out my vagina with cake.
I went to the most beautiful deli I could and chose an enormous chocolate muffin. I took it home carefully, made myself a large latte and got nice and comfortable on my chaise longue. Then I shoved the entire cake up my fanny.
Joking. JOKING!!!
Click pic for recipe
But the experience did make me start thinking about internal implications of an external aesthetic. What if a little bit of fat was needed in other places too? Like to keep the internal organs cosy and safe, or plump up the boobs a bit - or what about the brain? It must be needed for brain function, surely. Who knows, maybe we need a little ‘happy fat’.
I began to take it a bit easier on myself – and began to feel happier, healthier and best of all, with a cake fuelled vagina, sexier.

So the next time you’re thinking of saying no to cake – remember – your vagina might need it!
That’s all I have to say about that.

If you need any help with sexual health – Brook is always a fab place to start and if you think you have body or food issues please talk to someone you trust and your doctor.

PS. This post came from a place and time when I was insecure about every part of my body, not just the privates - this event was something that began to put things in perspective for me. If you're ever feeling insecure about your lady garden (and you really shouldn't ever) please read this amazing post by my wonderful friend, Exhibit Unadorned - who says, "cunts are magical things" - and I'm sure we all agree, yes, yes they are!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Doodlin' and Canoodlin'


Masturbation Monday time (hooray!)

Do you doodle? Do you canoodle? Are you a doodlin' canoodler?

I doodle all day long, on any bits of paper nearby. Here's a couple from yesterday and today - one is from when I was researching squirting and one is from an annoying phonecall (probably to the bank or sommat dull).

Can you guess which is which?

Angry but artily so...

Count the damp lady curls!
(answers in the comments please
for a super prize!)

I was inspired to put these doodles up because the prompt (mmm, mmmm, MMMMM! HOT! thanks Kayla) - reminded me of my research...

I know my words and possibly my drawing too will not get you all hot and bothered this week so I will leave you with that prompt... yup...

Click on the big purple box for more Masturbation Monday!

PS - I'm serious about the prize for counting the pubes in that doodle - whoever leaves me the most creative answer will win a Rocks Off bullet vibe RO60 (it's shorter than the one shown there) - I have a couple left over from my Ruby Glow prototyping! So if you wanna play - remember I'll be sending it by post...
Let's say next Masturbation Monday is the closing date. x x x

Monday, 9 November 2015

Sexy Books in Paperback!

Guess what? My Clockwork Butterfly Trilogy is now available in paperback as well as ebook form!

If you like your erotica peppered with end of the world dystopian action and plenty of peril and sex... please, step this way...

Book 1
Book 3 - the climax
Book 2 - a prequel

I was hoping to take a suitcase full down to Sexpo and do a proper launch, but I'm afraid, life has rather popped a spanner in the works - so now I have a big old pile of these babies looking for new homes!
If you would like to buy one from me direct and you are in the UK, please Paypal £6.99 for Taking Flight and The Meeting Point - £8.50 for A Clockwork Butterfly to - I'll take care of the P&P for free! Remember to state which book you want.
If you are outside UK please click on the book covers to be taken to your local option.

So I guess I'd better give you a reason to part with your cash and invest your -precious time in reading this story...

Thursday, 5 November 2015

A Visit to the Mechanic #EuphOff part 2

I won! I won the #EuphOff!!!
Mamma would be so proud! This story right here is the BADDEST erotica - it's official! And so is the beautifully narrated Oleander Plume's entry (matron) Literally Literary. Thank you Mrs Jane from Chintz Curtain for all the saucy awful fun! x x x Click here for all the terrible delights :)

So here we are - the Euphoff part two.

I'm sure you'll agree, sometimes erotica can feel cheap and sordid - today though,  I've opted to share a more serious and educated tone to my work to show you just how sensitive, thoughtful and eloquent the genre can be...


A Visit to the Mechanic

He wipes oil blackened fingers on his blue overalls and winks at me from under the car bonnet.
“I’m here for my service,” I say, checking the floor for stray nuts and bolts before approaching him.
“I’ll say.” He closes the car and looks me up and down. “You look like you’re long overdue a good tinker under the hood.”
I tremble.
“I daresay I could do with a little oil change…”
He begins to undo his filthy overalls and comes closer.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Shaft - part 2

So this post for Wicked Wednesday follows on from my Masturbation Monday this week - readers weren't too happy at where I left the action so here you go... The prompt for WW is 'Happy Place'. Enjoy! And click on the rainbow for more...

We stand looking at each other as the speaker hums. The atmosphere is electric. I reach for his jaw and cup it gently, the stubble prickling at my palm. He licks his lips and takes a slight step in toward me.
“So, I’ve been wondering,” he says, reaching for my jaw, mirroring my touch on him. “Just what were you doing before I knocked on your door?”
The blush rises again and my eyes flick to the guitar before I can stop them. His grin is lustful and completely self-satisfied.
He is so close now, my pubic hair and hardening cock tickle at his belly. I can feel the tip of his, rising up to caress underneath my balls. A shiver goes through my entire body and goosebumps spread over my flesh.
“Show me,” he says and tilts his head up to kiss me.
I meet him half way and devour his coffee flavour kisses. We meet tongue for tongue, lap for lap, suck for suck. It’s the best and horniest kiss of my like and I'm so hard I'm walking that line between pleasure and pain. I pull back a little.
“Show you what?” I ask gasping and panting. Lust filling every part of me as we wrap our arms around each other and become engulfed in our need. Oh fuck yeah. This feels so good, so right.
“Show me how you fuck your guitar.”

Monday, 2 November 2015

The Shaft...

So it's Masturbation Monday and Ms Kayla really got us going with the prompt this week! As did Mister Exhibit A with his glorious Sinful Sunday post, Cat - he's kindly let me post the picture too.

Here's a wee bit from a story I'm writing which I was reminded of by the two above x x

The clouds part and the glorious shaft of sun slides through the window over my bed and glints off my guitar. Yes, I think, that would help. A long slow hump with the only thing that truly understands me. My guitar. I reluctantly leave the comfort of my bed to set up the amp and plug everything in. When I’m back on top of my sheets and positioned in the warm rays, I slide the guitar over my groin and relish the first stirrings of wood beneath wood.