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Intergalactic Heat by Jessica E. Subject

Here's some space action - a new release from Jessica E Subject

Intergalactic Heat by Jessica E. Subject
A date on a space station? Alien lovers? Madame Evangeline, owner of the exclusive 1Night Stand 
dating service is known to be magical in fulfilling the ideal dates of her clients, but she’s outdone herself this time, bring together beings from Earth and beyond. As long as applicants are willing to let go of their pasts and open their hearts and minds, she will find their perfect match, whether they be a former sci-fi television star, a nurse, an employee of the Space Service, a former Marine, or even an extraterrestrial. Because everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after…

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Excerpt from Beneath the Starry Sky – MF Contemporary Erotic Romance
She’d held onto so much hope for this date, and nothing had gone right. She still didn’t know who this guy was. Yet, he’d already rejected her with his expression. This is the last date I’m going on, unless I’m lucky enough for my hair to grow back.
His gaze never left her, making her even more humiliated. “You’re….”
“What? Ugly? Bald?”
He shook his head. “No, I was going to say my date. I’ve been so busy lately and Madame Evangeline had to send me a reminder.”
She paused at the Frenchwoman’s name. Could this hunk of a man really be her date? Didn’t matter. He wouldn’t want her now. “Well, surprise! I’m damaged goods, so you might as well leave and ask her for a refund.”
As she slumped to the floor, more tears streamed down her face. Why is life so unfair? She’d worked hard all of her life, never taking shortcuts or the easy way out. Not an outcast or popular, she’d been friends with everyone in school and college. And healthy. She’d taken extra care to eat properly in order to avoid being diagnosed with diabetes, like her parents.
Since that fateful day when she’d discovered her two, oval-shaped bald patches, she’d been dumped by her fiancĂ© and lost all of her hair, along with any chance to find love and have a family vanishing. Kids were out of the question. Sure, their chances of inheriting alopecia were unlikely, but on the chance they did, they’d hate her for passing her faulty genetics on to them. She couldn’t live with that. She’d be alone. Forever.

Excerpt from Celestial Seduction – MF Science Fiction Erotic Romance
Her intensity excited him, but he needed to find a way to keep her calm. She refused to look into his eyes. His mouth crashed down on hers, absorbing her next words. She objected at first, but then her tongue reached out to him, a passionate gesture unheard of on Ginnun.

He matched the force of her kiss and skimmed his hands down her arms to rest on her sides near her breasts. She no longer struggled. Her arms wrapped around him, keeping him close. When she released his mouth to take a breath, he sat up. She panted underneath him.

“That was incredible. I….I felt like I was flying through space. So many colors and the brightest stars.”

He experienced something different. With that kiss, he had finally found someone who could keep him grounded on Earth and repress any regret for not returning to Ginnun. He brushed his thumb along her cheekbone. “I’d like to continue if you’ll let me.” He leaned down and placed light kisses across her face.

A sigh escaped her lips and the last of her tight muscles relaxed underneath him. He slid his body down her legs, his hands returning to her belly.

“I thought you were going to continue something else,” she whispered.

His cock pressed against his pants already. Her sudden interest in sex made it painful. “I want to, but I need to finish giving you this gift.”

Her body moved but she didn’t struggle or try to get away. “What exactly are you doing to me? What is this gift? Why was my stomach glowing?”

He took in a deep breath and released it a little faster and louder than he’d wanted. He knew the answer would lead to more questions. While prepared to answer them, he didn’t want to scare her away. His response required carefully chosen words to ensure he gave her the gift before he told her of his origins.

“I’m healing you.” The blue glow returned across her belly as his hands warmed. “You’ll be able to have a child when I am finished.”

Her eyes widened. He sensed her fear, but she didn’t move. “Your child?”

“No, I am not giving you a child. That can only be done in the usual ways. I am simply making your body able to become pregnant and carry a child.”

Carrie propped herself up on her elbows. Her eyes stared down at her belly, but she remained calm. “How? No doctor could do that for me. How can you? Are you some type of voodoo priest or something?”

“No.” He needed to continue and keep his heritage from her for as long as possible.

“A religious fanatic who thinks I’m possessed by demons?”

Frey laughed. “Nope.” He was almost finished. Just a little longer. The scarring had all returned to normal, healthy tissue. He only needed to stimulate the maturation and release of eggs in her ovaries.

“How then? I know you’re doing something to me. I can feel it.”

“Remember how I said I needed an open-minded partner?”

She nodded, her eyes catching a quick glance from his before returning to her stomach.

Just a couple more minutes and he’d be finished. He prepared to hold her down should she freak out when he told her he came from space. “I’m not exactly like you and most of the people on Earth. I’m….different.”

“Like a demon or a guardian angel?”

He laughed. It sounded forced, but he needed to stay focused on healing Carrie rather than mating with her. “No, you’re thinking paranormal. Try science fiction.”

She began to squirm under him, but he didn’t need to restrain her. “A….clone? Artificial intelligence?”

He finished healing her and lay down beside her. His thumb ran across her lips, wanting to taste them again, but knowing he probably wouldn’t. “Try alien.”
Excerpt from Unknown Futures – FF Science Fiction Erotic Romance
“Let’s hit the dance floor.” The drinks could wait. She wouldn’t let her guest out of her sight again.
The music thrummed, filling her to the core, preventing her from standing still. She found a spot with just enough room for the two of them. No one else mattered. With each hit of the bass, she moved her feet, her hips, her hands. She let the beat control her body and her heart.
Although others might be watching, her attention remained on Jewel. Each movement, a planned seduction. She couldn’t let her go without trying. When the next song began, Jewel finally relaxed. She moved to the music.
And V moved closer. She slid her hand from Jewel’s waist, down, then back up, swaying in front of her. Only an inch between them. She couldn’t get enough. Her Earth scent became intoxicating.
Beat after beat, song after song, she kept her hands on the sexy woman. She claimed her, telling everyone else to stay away. She wanted to savor her precious body. Maybe she could make her forget about her date.
She pulled Jewel even closer, her sensitive nipples pressed against the woman she desired. Holding her with both hands, grinding against her to the music. Her heart raced with hunger. I want to take her on the floor. Right here. Right now.
But the song changed. The beat slowed, indicating last call. The club would close soon.
Most of the patrons had left. Only those hoping to hook up remained. She stepped back. Jewel would have to make the first move. V could never force herself on anyone.
When Jewel took her hands and placed them back on her body, she couldn’t help but smile. Perhaps the evening would end the way she wanted.
Jewel pressed against her, her head resting on her shoulder, swaying to the decelerated beat. “I don’t want this night to end.”
Their dancing became deliberate, a sensuous and intimate rhythm. “It doesn’t have to.”
Jewel stopped and looked up at her. “You…you’re interested?”
“Why wouldn’t I be? You’re the most beautiful creature in the space station.”
Somehow, she had to make her see. She brushed her thumb across her lips, wanting to touch more, her entire luscious body. Taking a deep breath, V steadied herself. If this were to go any further, Jewel needed to show her own intentions. As warm moisture pooled between her thighs, V schooled herself to patience.
“Are you sure you’re not my date?”
Shit! That damn date, the only wedge between them. “No, but I wish I was.”
“I wish you were, too.” Jewel stood on the tips of her toes and claimed her mouth.
V pulled her closer until the bit of space between them had been filled. Excited by the warm, curvaceous body pressed against her taut nipples, she fed from the sweetness of Jewel’s mouth, drawing out each delicious sweep. But she wanted more. She wanted all of her.
Excerpt from Satin Sheets in Space – MFM Science Fiction Erotic Romance
She had her eyes closed, her lips pressed against his, when the sensation started. First, a tingling in her hands and feet, as he swept his digits deep inside her. The buzz spread up her arms and legs until it engulfed her entire body. She no longer sensed the ground below her.
The man continued to drive his fingers into her core with vigor, ridding her of the urge to pull away and find out what was happening to her. She landed with a thud, feeling returning to her limbs. Nothing stopped the man who held her, though. He continued to ravage her mouth, her jaw, her neck, keeping her pressed against the wall.
But something felt different. Gone was the hard brick pressing through her corset and against her skin. She reached behind to brush her hand along the surface. Soft. Almost like cushioned satin.
With a whimper, she pushed the strange man away. Where was she? What had she been thinking? This is the stupidest, most insane thing I’ve ever done.
The Prince Charming she’d had the fortune of being set up with peered down at her, his gaze intense and filled with lust. “My name is Galan, and we’re in my spaceship.”
At least she now knew his name, but wait…. Spaceship? She stared at the man, disillusioned. She could think of no other explanation for how they had traveled to a new location with the press of a button. Oh God, she’d been abducted by an alien. How would she get out of this situation? The first time she’d done something spur-of-the-moment, and she’d ended up being finger-fucked by an extraterrestrial.
Or was this some kind of elaborate stunt Josh had pulled off? But why? He was on his honeymoon, unable to enjoy his handiwork. Her body grew numb; a loud ringing pierced her eardrums. She could no longer think with the clouds invading her mind. Then she blacked out.
Excerpt from Sudden Breakaway – MF Interracial Science Fiction Erotic Romance
Jared shucked his towel and stroked his rigid cock. That woman made him hard every time she came to the door, trying to persuade him to sign up for the Space Service. Her claims had seemed far-fetched when she’d first approached him, yet his commander had confirmed her credentials, having been approached to join by another many years ago. While Jared would never add his thumbprint to the contract he’d read, he wouldn’t mind if she stopped by to try and convince him again.
Ms. Brown, with her black blazer revealing a hint of cleavage and a skirt that showed the perfect curvature of her ass. When he’d answered the door fresh out of the shower and seen her on his porch, he’d gripped the door handle to hold himself back from yanking her inside and tearing off her fine-pressed suit.
He squeezed his balls; no time to jack-off. Dylan and Madison would arrive in an hour, and he had to take one last run through his house to get rid of any lingering dust bunnies before Children’s Services appeared. No obvious dirt in the living room, he headed toward the kitchen, but his mind kept flying back to Ms. Brown.
She had the whole librarian thing going on, with her dark hair tied up in a bun and glasses resting on the end of her nose. Though, none of the women who worked at the local branch made his cock throb. Perhaps there was some truth to the naughty librarian tale. He wished.
Most women’s version of naughty did not come close to his. While the whole BDSM club scene didn’t appeal to him, he enjoyed a little bondage during foreplay. He’d spent months at a time deployed in the Middle East. While home, he appreciated the opportunity to date the pretty women who found a guy in uniform sexy. But once he fetched the cuffs, they bolted. They hadn’t even wanted to use them on him.
Ms. Brown was no girl, though. No more than a couple years his senior, she exuded experience with her seductive glances, her posture that plunged her cleavage into his line of sight, and that damn wiggle of her ass as she sashayed back to her car. She could teach him a thing or two. He yearned for the chance to find out.
No, his next lay could no longer be at the forefront of his mind. In less than an hour, he would become the father-figure to two impressionable young children. His sexual urges would have to take leave for the foreseeable future.
He’d been in his last month of deployment to Afghanistan when the call came in. And it took another day for his commander to reach him with the news. His brother-in-law had been killed in a car accident, leaving his niece and nephew orphans. And as much as he loved the Marine Corps—Semper Fi—he couldn’t let the kids be raised by strangers. They had no other family left.
So, after he returned to the States, he contacted his lawyer and spent a couple of weeks obtaining guardianship of the children. He’d received his discharge papers, found a civilian position working as a desk jockey for the CIA through his contacts with the Marines, and bought a house suitable to raise two growing youngsters. After months of preparation, they were coming to live with him.
He glanced at his watch. Ten minutes until they arrived.
Shit! He’d wasted precious time thinking about Ms. Brown and his new life.
Grabbing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, he yanked them on. Screw the boxers; his niece and nephew wouldn’t notice. He peeked into their rooms to ensure they looked somewhat presentable. Would Children’s Services take them back to California if his new living space didn’t meet their standards?
He groaned. They weren’t even at his house yet, and he’d been distracted. No more. Nothing would come before them. The children would be his priority. Everything he did would be for them, for the rest of his life.
Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from anyone who has enjoyed her stories.

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Sunday Snog - Scent of Arousal...

Good morning snoggers! I've been having a lovely time reading all the other snogs today - make sure you go and have a look over at Victoria Blisse's place.
After two weeks with a cold, I have completely lost my sense of smell - something I'd taken for granted all my life until now.
I am lost without it - it plays a deep and important role in my daily life and especially my chosen genre of writing... I'm trying to write some sizzling last scenes for my new novel but finding it pretty hard - that's why in this Snog, I'm paying tribute to this most sensual of senses by sharing part of my story from the Dead Sexy anthology. My whole tale, I Am The Moon, is based on scent and how it elicits a feral arousal from the leading lady... (please forgive the missing snog here - it does happen later though I promise!)

I Am The moon - a little teaser...

I sprawl over the hide, spreading my fingers and sliding them through the silky fibres. I start with the deerskin, my eyes fixed on the wolf and bear just in sight. Being a vegetarian makes my new fetish particularly troublesome.
Every day for the last fortnight I’ve come into the museum half an hour before closing and rolled about in the natural history section. It is far away from the main door where the tired day-trippers and bus tours are now being herded.
My mouth waters as I leave the deer and crawl to the wolfskin. I lower my body forward in a snakelike motion and nuzzle my nose deep into the fur. At first touch, it feels wiry and tough, but go deeper and you find the softest, safest place. Through the layers of museum dust there is still the faint musk of a feral beast. It is what I am here for. That scent. It is strong and male and wild. I rake my nails through the fibres and release the powerful pheromones. My body responds with a sweet quickening in my panties and I pull the sides of the pelt and roll myself in it.
I venture a hand down towards my building want but something makes me glance around the room. Silence. The hairs on my neck stand to attention as the air turns thick and static. From nowhere a hand grabs me by the scruff of my neck and hauls me out of my cloak. I feel weak and hysterical and ferociously turned on at being caught.
‘Goodness,’ I purr, ‘no need to be so … forceful.’
The security guard stares through me as if he’s seen it all before. I hold on to his arm as he marches me though the animal room, tripping in my heels and wriggling about as I try to force my rumpled skirt down over my bum.
I thought maybe my shenanigans could easily be mistaken for some kind of medical complaint – an old- fashioned fainting fit at being surrounded by such terrifying beasts. But I sense that this man knows exactly what I’ve been up to. My skin starts to prickle with heat and arousal. I notice the thick arm clenches me tighter and the force of his muscles sliding beneath his shirt makes me tremble. Feigning fear, I pretend to grapple his grip from me but only enough to peel back the unbuttoned cuff of his pristine white shirt.
Oh my God. Curls and tufts of thick black hair spring out and I practically squeal in delight. I clench my thighs together as warmth floods my pussy at the sight. I try to bury my nose into his skin but he pulls me into him, forearm tight up under my arm, around my chest, above the breasts, and up to my neck. Perfect. I struggle a little more and he squeezes tighter.
‘You are barred,’ he growls into my ear. ‘Don’t think I haven’t noticed your little penchant for our furs.’
The exit is fast approaching and my nipples start to peak. I can’t break free from him. Not yet. ‘Wait, stop!’ I gasp. ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’
‘Oh yes you do.’

(And then more things happen and then they kiss...!)
Remember the other Sunday Snogs! If you want more from my pheromone lusting hero - click here

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The Next big Thing Blog Hop

The wonderful Justine Elyot (if you like erotica, you MUST read her work - I insist!) tagged me for this Next Big Thing blog event. All I have to do is answer some questions and keep you engaged long enough to pop over to the next tagee at the bottom of my blog... Here goes!
1. What is the title of your latest book?
My latest novel is A Clockwork Butterfly. Look right ;)
2. Where did the idea come from for the book?
Well, my goodness... I'm not sure, it's really about saving the world erotica style - I guess my generation have grown up believing the world to be in great peril and we're constantly living with the guilt that it's all our fault. (well, I do anyway) - On the other hand, I also grew up with comic book and movie super heroes who come along and save everything at the last minute so I think both these ideas are deeply ingrained in my mind.
That and a very saucy love trio!
3. What genre does the book fall under?
Erotic romance.
4. What actors would you choose to play the characters in your movie?
Oh I love Christian Bale - but not sure if he would be quite right for my leading gent - but if my books are to be made into films (!!!) I'll have to write him a role that fits... - maybe River Pheonix - he was always just lovely, I adored him.
5. What is the book blurb for your book?
Lovers torn apart by duty…will Angelo and Lena be reunited?
Mankind is close to extinction. Toxins have all but wiped out the male population. The remaining fertile men are housed in manors where their seed is collected.
Lena Lee is a new collector with a rare pheromone believed to reignite human fertility. She's assigned a male who's predicted to be her perfect match.
Angelo, a clockwork butterfly maker, is held captive, his essence harvested daily by Lena. Over time, the couple begins to fall in love, something which is strictly prohibited. When their forbidden love is discovered, Lena is banished from the manor.
Torn apart by the duty that brought them together, Lena and Angelo must find a way back to each other. But even if Angelo manages to escape, he doesn't know where to find Lena. Will following the path of the clockwork butterfly lead him to his true love?

Content Warning: strong language, BDSM, and graphic sexual content, including m/f, f/f, and f/f/m sexual interaction

6. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
After toying with the initial idea for a while I was lucky enough to get a stretch of about four or five months of without interruptions.
7. What other books would you compare this to within your genre?
Oh I don't know! It's a futuristic erotic fantasy with elements of steampunk, BDSM, all sorts of sexy action... I wouldn't like to compare it in case I get it totally wrong...
8. Who or what inspired you to write this book?
I think the themes running through it are a constant source of inspiration to me - how precious this world is how amazing love is and how fantastically awesome exploring it through erotica is - that and my beau...
9. What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?
The leading man, Angelo, is a master craftsman - he makes beautiful tiny clockwork butterflies that play a starring role in the story. I think there's something super sexy about a man who can make delicate works of art with his big strong manly hands... *swoon*

And there ends my questions - here are some authors I've tagged - they may not have answers up but their sites and work are well worth a wee looksee...
Thanks for reading! Tabitha x xx

Ella Jade
Scarlett Hart
Lacey Wolfe
Jaye Shields

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Secret Places with Sommer Marsden

Here's the lovely Sommer Marsden sharing secrets and her new release, Lion Hearted - look at that cover! - Over to you Sommer...

Secret Places…
And I’m not talking about your naughty bits! I mean hidden towns. Secret communities. Shifter havens. This is the basis of Divination Falls book one Lion Hearted. The final destination is a place not really  on any map. Not really in any human memory. It’s a secret.
Divination Falls isn’t the first secret place I’ve written about. I have “Town” in my book Big Bad. A town basically created and maintained (and patrolled) by wolves. So it was a natural leap for me—seeing as I get fixated on themes and even words, for goodness sake—to write another place that’s cloaked from humankind. (with a few minor exceptions)
I think there’s something wonderfully cozy about a secret hidden place. It has that safety aspect that is usually only found in books, rarely in real life—at least in my experience. Which makes it even better to savor and enjoy that sensation when reading a book to escape. Nothing beats a good story.
That being said, I certainly hope readers will find my little tale of shifter and empathy to be a good story. I hope that the reader will fall in love with this unlikely couple as much as I have. And that when all is said and done, Divination Falls will seem as tempting and picturesque and yes—more than a little bit perfect—just like it does to me when I write about it.
Do you have an imaginary place that makes you feel that cozy safe feeling? Despite all the murders *snort* Lillian Jackson Braun’s little town of Pickax is such a place for me. Or perhaps your place is real. Leave me a comment for a chance to win an All Romance Ebooks $10 gift certificate. I’ll go through all the comments along the Lion Hearted blog tour and draw a winner when all is said and done!

Tryg Avondale is the muscle for his pride, and when he’s called upon to hunt down two missing teens, he sees the job for what it is – a chance to give his pride a break from him and his “nature”. Tryg is a gay lion and it’s not something his “family” seems to embrace.

He takes with him Luke Dorchester – an empath and the perfect travel companion. Luke can feel and soothe every emotion that coils deep inside Tryg, and the sex between them is the hottest Tryg has ever known. Tryg has no intention of letting his emotions go any further when it comes to this brand new man. But he also has zero intention of letting him go. What follows is a road trip from campground to campground, hot nights in hotel rooms and close encounters spent together as they follow the scent of the two abducted shifters. A scent that takes them to Divination Falls, a haven for shifters and associated magical folk; a place where an old evil will surface and Tryg will learn just how far his love for lion-hearted Luke must take him.
Coming to all other vendors January 2013!

A tempting taster...
‘Here’s your whisky, Tryg,’ Matthew said. He slid the shot glass across the scarred bar top.
‘What kind?’
‘Rot gut, what other kind do you drink?’
Tryg grunted, almost smiled, and tossed back the amber liquid. ‘How about another?’
‘You up for trouble tonight?’ Matthew looked wary, holding the whisky bottle but not pouring. What kind of bartender didn’t pour?
‘Me? Never.’ Tryg fingered the scar that bisected his eyebrow and barely avoided his left eyelid. He realised Matthew was watching, and quickly dropped his hand. ‘I’m fine, Matt. Just pour.’
‘Word is –’
‘Word is none of your business and it’s just hearsay so … Maybe you should just pour and not worry about rumours.’
Matthew pressed his lips together, nodded, poured. ‘Fine. But any problems from you, Bolo, and you’ll be banned from my bar.’
‘Got it,’ Tryg said. ‘And don’t call me Bolo.’
Matt shrugged. ‘It’s your name, as far as I heard until you started drinking here. Damn, Tryg, I thought it was your name.’
‘A bolo is a knife,’ Tryg said.
‘And you’re an enforcer.’
‘Go away.’
Matthew grinned and went to fill another order. That had been close. Tryg had been itching to clock him to teach him some manners. But he wouldn’t do that.
We thought it might be good for you to have a break from the pride …
He shook off the echoes in his head and downed the glass of whisky. About 600 more and he might feel better. He might even get his drunk on. Tryg set his glass down with a bang and Matt looked up. He was annoyed.
‘So let him be annoyed,’ he growled.
Someone bumped into him and he practically roared, the urge to shift rippling under his skin and along his spine. This was not the day to provoke him. When your pride wants to send you away for “a break” you’re pretty much over. Especially if you’re supposed to be the muscle. Again he touched his scar and it made him angrier when he realised he was doing it. Whoever was behind him had better be ready.
‘What the fuck is your problem? You can’t see where you’re –’
Something made him bite off his words. Maybe it was the flash of fear in the man’s bright blue eyes or the nervous duck of the head that caused sandy blond hair to fall across his brow. Tryg bit back another roar because he found himself even more annoyed that he found the kid attractive.
‘Move,’ he growled.
The kid moved. Tryg called him a kid because he might be 25 to Tryg’s 32. Might.
Their shoulders brushed as he tried to push past, and he felt a comingling of instincts. The urge to lash out and hurt immediately contradicted by the urge to protect. What the hell?
‘Sorry,’ the kid said.
Again, he wanted to hit him and kiss him. Tryg shook his head and moved away. He needed some air. Maybe he’d had too much to drink.
Or not enough brain cells in your damn head…
He forced his way through the small bar. As he passed the first booth he heard Ozric. ‘What the fuck? You’re still here?’
‘You’re not on the road yet, Bolo?’ someone else piped in.
Tryg tried to drown out the voices. These were the guys who’d gotten him to the point of being asked to take an indefinite road trip. Ozric and his crew had issues with Tryg. Issues about his ways, his job, and who he chose to fuck.
‘Just keep going. Just keep walking,’ he told himself. He wanted to return to his pride after his mission was complete and be welcome. Even if his pride included assholes like Ozric and Ronnie and Dane.
‘We don’t need your kind anyway.’ This time it was Ronnie who spoke. He was short and sort of out of shape. Were they forced to live in their animal forms, he’d be the first to succumb to starvation and die. He was a shit hunter and a worse person. ‘It’s not like you help expand our numbers.’ He snorted, hefted a beer, looking smug and amused.
That was when Tryg snapped, his body rippling from the surge of adrenaline and rage. The toxic soup of hormones that ushered in a shift boiled under his skin and he felt his feet turn to rush the group instead of keep on a steady course toward the door.
The roar ripped up and out of him, but he heard it more than felt it. His fingers clenched, then went warm from his joints softening to reconfigure. He felt a canine tooth slide against his tongue and tasted blood. It was fine. He wanted to taste blood.
‘Remember what I said, Bolo!’ Matt called from the bar. Tryg caught a flash of his wide eyes and his fingers delving under the bar where a dart gun was kept. One shot from that thing and almost any shifter in the bar went down like 50 pounds of shit in a 10-pound sack. The only creature to ever manage to stay conscious had been a visiting shifter –a Kodiak bear.
The Bolo reference only made him angrier and he moved fast. Faster than was normal even for him. His nails had just bitten into the soft wood of the table, ready to tear the top off and maybe use it to beat the fuck out of the morons sitting there – but then a hand settled on his shoulder.
Two things happened. His brain said “attack”. His body said “relax”.
What the hell?
He turned to find that boy. Those water blue eyes wide but intent. ‘Easy,’ the kid said.
Tryg considered taking a swing anyway. Attempted to tell his brain to raise his fist to clock this kid and teach him a lesson. His body betrayed him. Under all the confusion, that made him nervous.
‘Are you insane?’ Tryg rumbled, but felt his muscles relax further, his claws contract, his muzzle reform. He felt a loosening in his solar plexus and a syrupy kind of peace.
Maybe Matt had hit him with that tranq gun, after all...

Sommer Marsden’s been called “…one of the top storytellers in the erotica genre” (Violet Blue), “Unapologetic” (Alison Tyler), “…the whirling dervish of erotica” (Craig J. Sorensen),and "Erotica royalty..." (Lucy Felthouse).

Her erotic novels include Boys Next Door, Restless Spirit, Big Bad, Wanderlust and Learning to Drown. Sommer currently writes erotica and erotic romance for HarperCollins (Mischief Books), Xcite Books, eXcessica, Ellora's Cave, Pretty Things Press, and Resplendence Publishing. The wine-swigging, dachshund-owning, wannabe runner author writes work that runs the gamut from bondage to zombies to humor.

Sommer's short works can be found in well over one hundred (and counting) erotic anthologies. Her short stories have also been included numerous adult and romance magazines--both in print and online. Visit to see what’s up and drop her a line.